To attract customers from the web, it is important to use the homepage to attract access It becomes. 
To that end, attract homepage users by attracting Internet users through measures such as SEO, SNS, and PPC advertising.

In order to take these measures, knowledge is required to some extent, so this time, based on this point, I would like to explain the points of the “Targeted Web Traffic” in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners.

Basic knowledge you want to keep before attracting customers

Before attracting customers, it is important to clarify the purpose and to understand a little basic knowledge necessary for attracting Web customers (homepage attracting customers) is. 
So, I would like to touch a little on the purpose, type, and characteristics of attracting customers.

What is the purpose of Web customer acquisition?

Why do you attract customers? that is, As the number of Internet users increases, the number of Internet users who are interested in specific products and services has also increased. Reaping those users has led to an increase in inquiries, when you buy organic Website Traffic, you are buying the best!  Our Organic Traffic is keyword-driven so you already know that your visitors will have some level of qualification relative to your message requests for documents, increased applications, advertisements, etc. Because improvement (corporate business growth) can be expected is.

Therefore, it is important for business expansion (corporate growth) to publish Web contents (owned media) such as homepages, blogs, and tools on the Internet, and to attract customers based on them. 
In this way, a method that aims to improve sales from attracting customers around Web content is called content marketing and is an indispensable means for attracting customers.

Web customer acquisition is a basic strategy in Web marketing. 
Of course, the goal is to connect to sales (to achieve results), but even if it doesn't work well, many people will recognize your brand by attracting customers on the Web, which may lead to a later effect. It is a good idea to remember that there is enough. 
By the way, separately implementing measures to increase the conversion rate together with online customer acquisition is the key to improving sales and bringing it closer to the success of Web marketing.

Web customer acquisition is cost-effective

Web customers can attract customers only from users who are interested in social search such as natural search and Facebook / Twitter, mainly through free measures such as SEO measures (search engine optimization) and SNS measures. Characterized by being cost-effective as it does not actively engage passive users is. Who doesn't check social media before they start their day?  Capitalize on this and buy Social Media Traffic today!  Social Media Traffic is delivered to your website from the most popular social media platforms.  It's where everyone's at

More specifically, users are actively traveling (behavior) on the net for some purpose, so it is possible to provide content that meets their needs at a low cost and cost-effectiveness for attracting Web customers. It can be said.

In addition, there are web-based customer acquisition by paying advertisements (listing advertisements / display advertisements / video advertisements / SNS advertisements, etc.). Can be cost effective.

Let's understand the types of Web attracting customers

There are various types of Web content on the Internet, and users can be drawn into one's homepage from any of them to attract customers (calling in access).

That means Where do you attract customers from the web? The types can be divided into several categories, and the following are the main ones.

  • Organic search
  • Paid search
  • SNS inflow (Social)
  • Inflow from external site (Referral)
  • Direct inflow

Organic search

As you can see, when you want to search for something, From the “natural search” part of the red frame above, the “natural search inflow” is when a user visits the site.
It ’s also confusing, but be aware that it ’s different from paid search with the label “Advertisement”.

Paid search

In this way, here is an example of the search result screen of Yahoo, but it is displayed on the same search result screen as the natural search described above buy organic search traffic!  It's safe, easy and surprisingly affordable!  If you really want to get a good bang for your buck, this is the way “Paid search inflow” is when a user visits the site from the “paid search” frame (paid advertising space) in the green frame.
Paid search can be distinguished from natural search by the presence or absence of the "Advertisement" label, and it is the part displayed by paid advertisement (PPC advertisement) called listing advertisement (search-linked advertisement).

In addition to this, portal sites that allow searches such as Yahoo, and sites that partner with Yahoo and Google, such as advertisements that can be attacked by highly interested users such as banner ads and remarketing (retargeting) ads such as display ads. There are also advertisements.

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