There are a variety of bras and panties available in the lingerie section of Ellixy. You might not be able to explore all of them when searching for viable options so we have toned down our collection from the rarest to the best available. You can find some of the best styles and fashion statement bras in our suggestions section on our next blog but for today, let us talk about the 200 and more kinds of bra and panty collection available with us at the moment.
· Wired Bra-
Wired Bra Online has a limited range defined under it but Ellixy offers you 15 different kinds of wired bra including padded, non-padded, training, cotton, lace, backless and more. The speciality of the wired bra offered by Ellixy is that it is not a prickly wire forced under the bra but a metal wire framed inside to hold your bust-up. It does not prick your skin nor does it suffocate your chest.

· T-Shirt Bra-
Buy T-Shirt Bra Online at the lowest prices on Ellixy with the surety of extra comfort and breathability of the fabric. The range available is padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired, elastic, non-elastic and more. The speciality of the T-Shirt is all-round comfort and the ability to hide well under office shirts and satin shirts. It does not poke out or line over your shirts and makes it easier for everyday use.
· Front Open Bra-
Buying a Front Open Bra Online is hard especially in India. Ellixy however, offers you a range of cotton soft and satin-soft front open bras to cater to your feminine needs. All of the front open bras have been designed and created after keeping Western designs in mind giving them an expensive look.
· Plunge bra-
The Best Plunge Bra is the one with a deep cut and an inciting fabric that is soft and keeps the skin supple. Perfect for cocktails and deep plunge dresses, this bra is another gem of Ellixy available in a variety of colours and styles to match your party mood. All of the plunge bras have been designed to keep you comfortable and hold your bust-up.
· Tube Backless bra-
This is the bra designed only for backless blouses or dresses available on Ellixy with a range of different styles and colours. The Tube Backless Bra is the rarest bra available with Ellixy at affordable prices and the applauded features are its three-tier comfort to keep you stable: the elastic, the durability and the stick on the surface nature.
Some of our gems, these bras have been designed and created by Ellixy after keeping the demands of a modern and orthodox woman in our minds. They are good for both, the younger and the older generation with equal importance given to both. Our bras have room for improvement and can be altered according to your will.

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The Tube Backless Bra is the most extraordinary bra accessible with Ellixy at reasonable costs and the extolled highlights are its three-level solace to keep you stable: the flexibility, the solidness, and the stick on a superficial level nature.