In this way, social media services such as Facebook and Twitter If a user visits the site from a red-framed post or a tweeted article, it will become an “SNS inflow”. Buy website traffic is the Other than that, site visits from famous SNS such as Hatten bookmarks and LINE will also cause SNS inflows.

Inflow from external site (Referral)

in this way, `` Inflow from external site '' when the user visits the site following the link to the external site in the red frame It becomes. In other words, there is a link in the site that jumps to another domain, and the user may step on the link and go to another site.  In that case, for the linked page, the user is visiting from another site, so the inflow from the external site.

Direct inflow

In this way, from the link of the e-mail magazine (email magazine) and the bookmark (favorite) of the browser, `` Direct inflow '' Why wait to scramble to generate business results at the last minute.  Make some solid business impact now and buy organic website traffic! by users visiting the site directly without going through the website or search engine It becomes.

Web attracting method

Based on the types of web attracting customers introduced so far, I would like to explain specific methods to encourage inflows from them.

  • Increase natural search inflow
  • Increase paid search inflow
  • Increase SNS inflow
  • Increase inflow from external sites
  • Increase direct inflow

Increase natural search inflow

To increase inflow from natural search, it is necessary to implement "SEO measures “It becomes. 
SEO measures are expected to be most effective for attracting customers. Basically, promoting web visitors based on this method is the key to success in web marketing.

In this SEO measure, it is most important to create user-oriented content specialized for one keyword and publish a high-quality web page containing that content. In this way, increasing the number of pages with one keyword per page, making the page higher, and increasing the exposure of your site in the search results are the points to increase the inflow of natural search.

Now, I will touch on the details of the main SEO measures. There are three main parts.

  1. Internal measures
  2. External measures
  3. Content measures

Internal measures

Internal measures have been an important SEO measure since ancient times, measures necessary to adjust the HTML source code and provide Web pages that are easily recognized by search engines (Google) and users is.

In other words, it is important to ensure that the content you create is evaluated to the maximum, as it helps you to recognize the content of important pages.

For example, by marking up text along the HTML tag predefined by W3C, Google (a crawler called Google Robot) can make it easier to recognize.

In addition, what kind of page does it include by including key keywords that are the theme of the page in important HTML tags such as title tags and heading tags? It can be communicated more clearly, and it will be kind to users as well as Google, leading to the provision of high-quality web pages. 
In addition, you can optimize internal links (links that go to different pages within the site (menus, breadcrumbs, links in text, etc.)) to make more important links appear more relevant and relevant Directing links to pages within the site is also an effective internal measure.

External measures

As with internal measures, external measures are also important SEO measures from the beginning. The purpose is to get LinkedIn becomes. This backlink is an important factor that Google uses as a determinant of search ranking as an index to measure website popularity.

So, it is necessary to take measures to promote the acquisition of linked links (external measures) while promoting high-quality content on SNS such as Facebook and Twitter and gaining sympathy from many users and making it more frequently referenced on external sites. It becomes.

Content measures

Content countermeasures are very important in SEO countermeasures these days. The point of this measure is to create and provide high-value content considering user first It becomes.

More specifically, based on user-first, in order to be evaluated by Google, “EAT (expertise / reliability / authoritative)” “enhance uniqueness”“relevant search query ”“user” “Enhancing the experience” is necessary for content creation. Buy Targeted Organic Website Traffic and know that you are buying traffic that is of the highest quality.  Because this traffic is keyword-driven, you know that visitors to your site already have an interest in the product or service you are offering! Increasing the number of web pages with such content and improving the quality of the site itself is important for content countermeasures.

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