The dwelling and the doubt of choosing to rent a property or acquiring a luxury estate Dubai is always one of the biggest issues in the life of young couples. The two options can be advantageous, provided that before the completion of the business, some factors are taken into account, whether choosing to buy or rent a luxury property in Dubai.

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Buying or renting: when renting is the best option?
The rental of a luxury property for housing has always been something very controversial in Dubai. Much of the fear of rent issues have been created by our parents, because according to them, buying a luxury estate Dubai is always the best choice.

However, experts in real estate and finance think differently, valuing the rent in some situations. All of this has a great deal of weight during the settlement for the purchase or rental that will be held.

In addition, the tenant does not have major concerns about renovations, maintenance of property, taxes and other expenses, which are the responsibility of the owner of the luxury property. However, even with these facilities to rent, it is necessary to know that there are also expenses in this modality, such as the guarantee required for rent, condominium fees, and other expenses that the tenant must pay during the lease of the property.

Buying or renting: when to buy is the best option?
The purchase of the first luxury estate Dubai is a dream for most couples, especially for those who are early in life for two. "Who homes, wants houses," says the popular saying! Even more that home ownership is a dream dreamed by the majority of the population.

Factors to consider before buying a luxury estate in Dubai

The institutions provide bank financing and other lines of credit for home ownership with initiatives that favor class C and D families, as well as class A and B. Normally, the amount of the monthly installment of the financing may jeopardize maximum of 30% of monthly family income.

Credit approval is also another factor for buying or renting the desired home. The amount of the entrance to obtain the financing is of at least 20% of the value of sale of the property; therefore, it is ideal to have at least that amount to offer.

The amount can be financed in up to 35 years, and may vary according to the institution. The interest rate used is from 5% per year.

Secure investment
The purchase of luxury estate Dubai is still one of the investments considered safer, since the house itself is hardly lost. The valuation factor of the property and its security is one of those that most impact those who have doubts when buying or renting their first home.

Increase equity
Obviously, acquiring equity is one of the goals of most couples who, in the future, may have greater peace of mind for their children and family. In this case, the purchase of the luxury estate Dubai can guarantee greater welfare and financial security, especially in the coming years after the purchase. Remember, be it your choice to buy or rent the luxury property in Dubai, it is always necessary to consult 22 Carat, a real estate company to solve any doubts and help in this important project for the couple!

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