Marlboro is one of the most recognized and expensive brands in the world. Almost everyone associates cigarettes of this brand with a fearless cowboy crossing the American prairies, and few people know that they were originally made exclusively for a female audience.

Marlboro's story is how to make a legend of a weak brand. After all, the founder of the company was fighting for this, and he did it. Order Marlboro cigarettes online at the lowest prices on DutyFreeKing. Free international delivery to your door.

The Philip Morris company was established in 1847 in London. More precisely, then it was not even a company, but a common tobacco shop. The company grew and developed, and it took 38 years to become the owner of its own tobacco brands. So Philip Morris already launched 4 of his own cigarette brands: Derby, Cambridge, Blues, and Marlborough. By 1924, the name of Marlborough was shortened to Marlboro.

Its founder is the businessman Philip Morris. Initially, Philip Morris positioned Marlboro as a female cigarette. A red stripe on the filter hid an unappealing lipstick mark, Hollywood star May West was chosen as the face of an ad campaign, and the words "Smooth as May" became the catchphrase.

What makes the Marlboro brand scale the "cigarette Olympus"? The ingredients of such success were:

In the 1950s, the anti-smoking company started in the United States. Doctors and scientists talked about the dangers of smoking and linked it to lung cancer. To stay afloat, the Philip Morris company decided to take a risky step for those times: launch a line for the production of filter cigarettes for men. It should be noted that while the products with the filter were considered less harmful, it was ridiculous and embarrassing to smoke them for men.

Starting to produce "male" filter cigarettes is one thing, and a completely different one to achieve popularity. In addition to advertising, something more was needed. And Philip Morris found a solution that made his company's products incredibly in demand.

"Flip-top" - a radically new package - a solid cardboard box with a folding lid. Such a package was convenient and practical to use. Furthermore, it was only possible to get a cigarette by removing a package from a pocket, which means that people who are nearby will notice the mark;

New package design. It was developed by Frank Janninoto. From now on, he has become more "manly": a white color cuts red with a sharp arrow;

Marlboro cowboy. The author of this successful advertising character was a talented salesperson Leo Burnett. A brave, daring, and handsome cowboy could convince real men that they can also buy filter cigarettes.

There are two types of Marlboro cigarettes: 100 and 80 - this is the difference in length. 80mm is widespread throughout the world, and 100mm is limited to some countries.

In all Marlboro cigarette flavors, the highest quality tobacco is used. However, at the same time, different innovative technologies are constantly used to create different types of products. The first novelty is the use of so-called "ammonia" tactics.

This technology has helped the company achieve the incredible taste of its cigarettes and increase fever duration and strength. Apart from this, different flavor additives have been added. In 1966, the company introduced Marlboro Menthol. At that time it was unique and revolutionary.

If we consider the potency, Marlboro cigarettes are divided into 3 main classes: standard (8 mg), light (between 4 and 8 mg), and ultralight (less than 4 mg). You should be aware that menthol does not affect tar, even if menthol cigarettes have lighter tobacco. Also, be aware that some Marlboro light cigarettes are also called "soft".

Some special flavors, like Marlboro Gold Touch cigarettes and Marlboro Gold Original cigarettes, have been widely advertised. Those who have tried them are ready to notice the excellent balance of strength and softness, as well as the ideal amount of moisture in these cigarettes.

Marlboro Gold sets itself apart from the competition. In some areas, Marlboro Medium is available. Gold and silver complete the range. It was a replacement for Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Ultra Lights.

Overall, Marlboro Gold is one of the world's best-sellers thanks to the ideal combination of the highest quality tobacco blend, great taste, great design, and the best price you can get at our store.

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