Okay. I get it. Not everybody enjoys writing. In fact, many would rather get a hot poker in the eye. Still, as a solo professional, you need to at least be able to separate poor copy from good copy. (And good copy from great copy.)

When you can identify powerful copy you get your message NOTICED, READ and RESPONDED TO. Whether you write the check for a copywriter, pass it off to someone on your staff or do it yourself – you need to be able to look at your copy from an expert angle and evaluate it to see if it’s doing the job, which is bring more dollars into your business.

For example: Is it in the right voice? Does it represent your company? Your product? Your branding? Most of all, WILL IT GET READ? If it won’t, the rest of your marketing doesn’t matter. They won’t get beyond the headline.

The good news is writing copy isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s a pretty simple process. Copywriting gives smart business people like you an edge over every person in your industry who undervalues this skill. I promise. Here’s why you really do need to know how to write your own copy…

Reason #1: Copy is the only known “magic bullet” for making more money.
One of my colleagues wrote some copy for the Learning Annex. It must have been underwhelming because there was a very low turnout for the training. Then she revamped it, using more specifics and benefits. Turnout jumped to four times the attendees the previous copy pulled. There is no skill more directly responsible for pulling money into your business than copy.

Reason #2: You know your business better than anyone.
Your business is the direct result of a dream. YOUR dream. And no one understands why your business exists or who it is meant to serve better than you. That means there is nobody better to write your marketing message than the creator – YOU! Sure, you could educate someone else about your business. But the truth is he or she will NEVER know as many details as you, the owner.

Reason #3: Not knowing how to write copy sacrifices speed to market.
Face it. Whenever you get a good marketing idea, you need copy by default. So if you need to wait for someone else to craft copy for your every brainstorm, you can look forward to your competition jumping on the business.

Reason #4: To be more successful, your business must evolve over time.
You don’t think the way your business looks today is going to resemble what it ends up looking like 5 years down the road do you? Of course not. You’ll grow and expand over time.

Reason #5: Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill to outsource.
Copywriters get paid the equivalent of the down payment to a house or a new car for every project. That’s right. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 - $15,000 for something as commonplace as a sales letter. And it will be worth it because of the return on investment. But can’t you think of other ways to invest that money? Sure you can.

The bottom line is you don’t plan to stagnate, right? Your business will change and grow over time. That means your copy will change too. The core copy can stay the same, but the subtleties need to evolve just like your business is. It all points back to you knowing how to write attention-grabbing, relevant content that will actually get read. Business is moving at the speed of light. Be prepared to keep up by sharpening your copywriting skills.

Author's Bio: 

Award-winning marketer, world-renowned copywriter and creator of "The She Factor", Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy has a reputation as the top female copywriter in the info-marketing industry. She has written award-winning home study courses, conducts a world-famous virtual copywriting training, holds live workshops, and is authoring the original book, The She Factor based on her own She Factor Marketing System Lorrie is dedicated to teaching the world it is possible to shift from the hype-filled sales to a more modern version... marketing written with authenticity, trust, and rapport.