Kids, especially boys, can have extremely high energy levels that might be difficult for you, as a parent, to keep up with. So you might be wondering what kinds of fun, engaging activities they could partake in that will keep them occupied and out of trouble. Here are three good choices.

1. Sports
Long a favorite pastime of young men, getting your sons involved in sports is a great way to occupy their time. Sports also provide a good outlet for boys who enjoy competition and they keep your children active and healthy as well. When you aren't ferrying them to practice or games, they can practice and play in your yard, a vacant lot or a nearby park. Be prepared to handle some of the typical consequences, however, such as the amount of commitment on your part to getting your child involved in a local sports team and the damage wayward sports balls can cause. It might be helpful to have a list of repair companies, like Central Glass Company, on hand when problems arise.

2. Video Games
While you might be hesitant to let video games, TV or other sedentary activities babysit your kids, they have their place. Many, many boys find playing video games highly enjoyable and your kids will spend a lot of time occupied with them when they could otherwise be getting into trouble. Video games do have a lot of benefits - they improve eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills. Modern video games can tell very complex, engaging stories, and can engage the mind similarly to reading a book. They also encourage children to keep at a problem until they solve it, which is a very useful skill that will serve them well in life. Just be sure the content of the games your boys are playing is appropriate for their age levels.

3. Playing With Blocks Or Legos
Many young boys like to build things, and providing them with Legos or other forms of building blocks allows them to express their creativity. Because it takes time to build and rebuild things with blocks or Legos, they do a pretty good job of keeping boys occupied for long periods of time as well. The great thing about blocks and Legos is that they don't get old - after building one thing, your boys can use them to build something completely different.

Rowdy boys can cause parents or babysitters to be at their wit's end, but fortunately there are plenty of activities to occupy your boys. Find out what your boys enjoy doing and facilitate it so they can keep themselves occupied and out of trouble so you can have some peace of mind.

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