Today LED lights have surpassed traditional lighting methods with their safety of usage and energy-efficiency. These lights are much more effective than old fluorescent lights in illuminating a given area.

However, some people are concerned about the health issues, when it comes to using these LED lights. We will address some common health-related problems associated with LED lights.

Can LED lights cause damage to eyesight?

LED lights used these days are in fact as safe as any other modern sources of light available in the market. LED lights are used in specialised industries like health care and surgery, because these lights do not contain any rays that are bad for your skin and eyes, like the ultraviolet rays and gamma rays.

Some types of light therapies like fake tanning use lights that emit ultraviolet rays that are indeed bad for your health. The LED, on the other hand, contains blue light, which can otherwise be found in natural sunlight. 

Do LED lights contain toxic substances?

LED lights sourced from reputed manufacturers do not contain toxic materials that can affect your health. In fact, it is one of the advantages of commercial LED lighting over other lighting sources like a CFL bulb. LED bulbs can be easily recycled with typical electronic devices. 

Therefore, as a facility manager, you will not have to worry about the cost of extra recycling. Fluorescent CFL lights, on the other hand, contain harmful mercury and have to be recycled at a specialised facility. As long as you are buying LED lights from a company that adheres to health and safety protocols, this should not be an issue. 

Are LED lights harmful to sleep? 

Bright light, regardless of the source and sleep NEVER go hand in hand. So do not blame LED lights alone. It’s not possible for us to reverse the stream of time and switch back to candle lights and lanterns. 

Blame your screen time (the time you spend watching movies, working on computers and fiddling with your mobile) instead, if you’re finding it difficult to sleep. Sleep hygiene is vital for your health. So stay away from your phone at bedtime, instead of blaming the LED lights. It will make a world of difference to your sleeping habit.

During the day, LED lights can actually be beneficial for your eyes. A study has proven that workers can focus more in offices that use LED lights because the blue hue it contains is closer to natural sunlight. You can also moderate and programme the LED lights in a way that they glow brightly during the daytime, and as time passes from noon to evening, they become dimmer. 

Some companies provide installation of commercial led lighting in Sydney, and they are a continually growing economy in a changing market. Contact them now to get your house a calm and safe alternative to old CFL lights, because the possibilities with LED lights are endless.

A note of caution:

When it comes to picking up LED lights, put your stakes on a company that has been in the market for long and have gathered accolades from every quarter in regards to its products. 

Author's Bio: 

A senior electrician gathering years of experience at a company that provides commercial electric lighting in Sydney, the author is an expert on commercial electric lighting and a part-time blogger for the web.