Do you lack the motivation to get out of bed on time? Have you recently discovered that you’ve been surrendering to laziness and procrastination?

Discovering the factor that motivates you is one issue, it is quite another to be capable of staying with it…

Staying motivated and productive is not as easy as procrastinating and getting lazy, of course. However, laziness, procrastination and lack of motivation are terrible practices that can suck the life out of you in the long run.

You already know that, and that’s probably why you’re reading this to begin with. At least you’ve found the sense to recognize the fact that you need to get your motivation back!

So How Do You Get Motivated Again?

Start by identifying the things that deplete your motivation. It often begins with very elemental stuff in an especially normal situation. Then it begins to affect other parts of your life, which are not completely connected with the item that triggered your initial lack of motivation.

Perhaps you flat didn’t feel like getting up when your alarm rang one morning. The next day, you repeated the pattern and on and on until you created a bad habit of not being motivated to accomplish anything.

So you can start recovering your motivated attitude by discovering the people, places or things drain your energy. It could be a minor like not waking up (or continuously pushing the snooze button) or a fairly serious such as despising every detail of your job.

Begin with the simple exercise of writing down all the areas in your life where you find the lack of motivation to follow at all, and then record the specific things you think make you feel overwhelmed, discouraged or bored.

This will help you acquire some perspective on the issues that are bothering you. You can find solutions by simply understanding the cause. This will bring clarity to your lack of motivation issue.

You can then move on to studying the risks and benefits of not being motivated…

Let’s face it, there are excellent benefits for having no motivation - direct self-gratification in the form of sleep is one.

There are also certainly many risks, and the risks often outweigh the benefits. Discovering the risks and benefits of not feeling motivated can be extremely enlightening…

In general, you realize that it is not worth it to procrastinate, to give in to the temptation of not moving a finger to complete your tasks, or to intentionally consider that it is more satisfying to get lazy and do absolutely nothing.

In the end, commit yourself to transform. This is not an easy task. But attempt to set the date for recovering your inner motivation.

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