In this article I identify three more Snatchers and Grabbers that must be stopped.

1. Tire Kickers: The tire kicker wants to try your product or service before paying for it. NO, no, no. You do not give away a product or service without payment up front and having a contract signed. Many of you have spent hours shopping for fabric swatches, designing floor plans, and making a custom item only to be told that the person changed their mind. Coaches, consultants, and mentors have spent hours designing programs and provided ecourses, audio recordings, etc. only to be told the person changed their mind (now that they have hundreds of dollars in free products etc.). I want you to think billable hours. Again, this is a time to revisit your system or procedure. It is ok to request a deposit that is nonrefundable if they change their mind and cancel the contract. You do have a contract signed before you begin working, right? Do not spend hours driving around hunting for the right fabric swatches only to be told the person changed their mind.

2. Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde: This Snatcher and Grabber states that “money is no object”. You do everything right. You get the contract signed and you provide a proposal which is an outline of the work and when to expect the stages completed. The next thing you know they decide to become DIY clients. They have your agenda and begin doing the project themselves. I have noticed this type of Snatcher and Grabber prevalent in the home interior, home staging, and window treatment industry.

3. Bridezilla: Another type of Snatcher and Grabber is the client that purchases one of your smaller packages but demands services in your larger package. If you allow this person one extra product or service for free he or she will continue to demand more. The client becomes the next contest on Bridezilla. Do not let your clients intimidate, boss, or push you around. Establish firm boundaries. They purchased a package and they get what is in that package. Again, revisit your procedures and have your scripts ready so you can establish boundaries.

If you need help designing your systems and procedures so that you can stop the Snatchers and Grabbers your business coach can help. You will not be in business if you give away your products and services for free. You will be a very nice person who is broke. So, Stop the Snatchers and Grabbers.

Author's Bio: 

Jaynine Howard is a retired United States Marine and former psychotherapists. She is the owner of Dream Catcher Business & Life Coaching. Founded in 2006, Dream Catcher Business & Life Coaching helps business owners, nonprofits, and individuals nationally and internationally turn their dreams into wealth and success. Coach Jaynine and her team of associate coaches will help you jump start your business and life through business, career, and life coaching. Jaynine is a member of the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, the Carteret Chamber of Commerce, the American Psychological Association, 24/7 Coaching, and Coachville. You can download your free ecourse Stop the Snatchers and Grabbers at