Retreat! Does the word remind you of an old black and white movie where the bad guys wearing black hats turn their horses around and retreats from battle? As a business owner the word “retreat” does not mean backing down from a fight or running away from a battle. When business owners hear the word “retreat” they should envision relaxing and getting away from their business. Then they can focus on building their business and taking it to the next level.

Seven Reasons for Business Owners to Retreat:

1. R – Relax and Refocus– it is a time to relax and refocus away from the office. When you leave the office you won’t see the piles of filing, work that is unfinished, or hear the telephone ringing. You will be able to focus on your growing your business in a relaxed setting.

2. E – Examine – examine what has been working and what has not been working. This is a time to self reflect. Think about what makes you happy about being a business owner. What things would you like to change? Do you want more vacation time? More time with family? When you examine the day to day operations of your business you will be able to see things clearly and how they are or are not working.

3. T – Track – track your return on investment for your advertising. Track the feedback provided by your customers and clients. Track your website statistics. Track your newsletter open rate and anything else you want to track. This is your retreat and time to focus on you and your business.

4. R – Re-examine – review your mission and vision statement and see if you are still on track. As your business grows you may find that you need to update your mission and vision statement. This is a great time to make the time to update your mission and vision statement.

5. E – Eye – new sources of income and profit centers. Working with other attendees you will be able to brainstorm new profit centers and ways to generate income for your business. Masterminding with other business owners is very powerful.

6. A – Action Plan – design your action plan for the New Year. During your retreat you will design your budget, online and offline marketing plan, plan your vacations and time off for the upcoming year, as well as design your daily calendar for success.

7. T – Transform - your business to the next level. You will lay the foundation for a great new year that will take your business to new heights.

Business owners when you make time to relax away from your office, examine what works, track your return on investment, re-examine your mission and vision statement, eye new profit centers, design your action plan so that you can transform your business to the next level. You will be prepared for the New Year and you will be positioned to earn more money.

Author's Bio: 

Jaynine Howard is a retired United States Marine and former psychotherapist. She is the owner of Dream Catcher Business & Life Coaching. Founded in 2006, Dream Catcher Business & Life Coaching helps business owners, nonprofits, and individuals nationally and internationally turn their dreams into wealth and success. Coach Jaynine and her team of associate coaches will help you jump start your business and life through business, career, and life coaching. Jaynine is a member of the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, the Carteret Chamber of Commerce, the American Psychological Association, 24/7 Coaching, and Coachville. You can learn more about Coach Jaynine and her MYOB Fall Retreat by visiting or by calling 910-539-2810 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              910-539-2810      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.