Business Logo designers are those types of logo designers who design logos for professional corporations, mainly those corporations who belong to education, information and accounting industries.
These types of logos are usually designed in a sober manner keeping all the edges of frankness boxed in. Some of the major famous companies and their logos will be discussed below to provide the look needed in business industries.
We will start with the education industry and the types of logos companies use for themselves.
In education industry according to ‘Fastcompany’ website, one of the top education companies includes Southern New Hampshire University. This university is mainly famous for its Online and Offline education for students.
The education logo design of SNH University is made with just the name and a bird feather at the end. This gives a meaning to onlookers that those who study in SNHU gets to fly high. It’s a clear education logo design showing a clear meaning of its company.
Just like that some businesses like Google have a simple design of their emblem, made with just the text of the company’s name with different colors. Although the logo is posted on Google’s site as well as the search engine of Google. So it’s pretty much an unforgettable business logo design which is normally remembered by every person who uses the internet.
However, logo design of Google doesn’t only look good on the web; it is designed in such a way that when Google logo is printed in black and white it gives the same meaning and the same essence of its company.
In information Technology industry, let’s take the example of APPLE. APPLE was in the beginning a company producing computers but now it has diverted itself to electrical appliances.
Taking a look at the information technology logo design of Apple Co, The ‘apple’ in the logo was initially made depicting the Newton discovery of gravity but later it was converted to rainbow and now its crystal silver displaying the 3Dimensional graphics.
Anyone who sees Apple’s logo can see the message Apple Co Is giving in its information technology logo design.
These were explanations of some of the famous company logo designs. These logo designs are truly a work of art and can show a thing or two to our newly emerging designers. They show the simplicity of the logo and the decent styles need to be used in business logo designs with the meaning being transferred to viewers as well.

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