One of the interesting paradoxes is that we are raised with the thought that there is something inherently bad or wrong about us when we choose to quit. Yet, if we don`t quit the thoughts, emotions, ways of thinking and ways of doing things that are holding us back, there is no way we can grow. If we can`t grow then we can`t succeed.

In order to grow and succeed you must quit.

Learn To Quit=Learn To Grow

In my personal business coaching practice I have observed over many years that the greatest success among the self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs, solo professionals, corporate managers and executives belongs to those who have learned how to quit.

They have learned to quit their old role and all that goes along with it to embrace a new role that represents growth and a step up the ladder of success. They have quit the role but the good news is that they bring all the knowledge and experience from the previous role with them. This provides a solid foundation for the new challenges ahead.

Whether you are looking at personal, corporate or small business success it is interesting to note that more often than not, the greatest success stories are the individuals who are willing to quit in order growing.

Quit-Do Less And Accomplish More

I am not talking here about doing less to move your business and life forward. There will be new processes and innovations or just plain change that will keep us involved.

What I am talking about here as you move up the stairway of success is to distill down to the essence of who you are. If you can focus your role more on who you are you will quit those things that aren`t working for you. As you grow they can be delegated to others or there may be a new process that can take over a function that you previously performed.

The goal is the distillation process is to quit as many areas as you can that are not honoring who you are. The result is that you now have more time to be working in your strength zones.

When your days are spent more in your strength zones you are able to dig deeper and to accomplish more. You are focusing on fewer things, yet you are now positioned in terms of time, energy and focus to accomplishing more.

Quit-Deliver Maximum Value

When you start doing less by working in your strength zones you will start working more effectively, with more power and greater focus. When you quit and are focused on what you do very well you will end up delivering more value with less effort.

Obviously, the realization of working in your strength zones to deliver more value with less effort is a process. It can take years. But when you learn to quit you are on the road to delivering greater value with less effort.

Quit And Experience Success

Let go of what doesn`t work. Quit something when you realize that your time could be more productive when spent differently.

The reward is that you start living your life honoring who you are and how you want to live it. In the end, there is no success until you learn how to quit.

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