Building a team is one of the quickest paths to business success. Whether you are running a small business, starting your own business or in a corporate environment the value of having a good team is critical to any success.

Yet, very often in my business coaching practice, whether it be with self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs, solo professionals or corporate executives I have observed that their ability to move forward is dependent on the team and type of team they have put in place.

A Good Team Starts With Trust

Interestingly, almost any one can put a team together. Whether you are running a small business, starting your own business or employed in the corporate environment having or being part of a good team is a positive game changer.

But to put a team together where the members trust each other is critical to moving forward. If you can’t trust your team or teammates to get something done then everything bogs down.

A team in a way is like a convoy in time of war. It only moves as fast as it’s slowest link. Having trust allows us to get the heart of challenges quickly, resolve them and move on.

A Good Team Will Disagree

Once there is trust then there can be disagreement. When everyone is in agreement and supporting the mission then the tactics to accomplish the mission can be discussed openly. Also, the overall strategy in which the tactics are employed can be discussed and altered.

It is important for the team leader to allow this disagreement. When team members feel that they have truly been heard, then when the decision is made they are much more likely to support it.
Disagreement is a means of giving your team ownership in the process.

A Good Team Will Have Commitment and Accountability

As team members take ownership they will have a greater commitment and a desire to be held accountable for results. Without commitment and accountability it is hard to have the good morale and positive momentum that teams need to move forward.

Team members who are truly committed also are willing to be held accountable. They want credit for helping the team achieve its goal.

A Good Team Will Pay Attention To Results

You may say that this would go without saying. Unfortunately if you don’t have trust, the ability to openly disagree, commitment and accountability then most teams don’t want to look at the results. And the reason is obvious. The results are not good.

Paying attention to results ties everyone on the team together. But without trust, the ability to voice opinions, commitment and accountability there is no sense of unity and no desire to focus on results.

Build your team to position yourself for the success you desire. When you move from “I” to “Let’s” you are building a team and opening up the possibility for great things to happen.

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