I’m sure you’ve heard me discuss the importance of masterminds and investing in your business. This is the single most important aspect of professional growth.

Exposure to new ideas, fresh ways of thinking and resources are vital to expansion of your mind and soul.

Who do you mastermind with? Do you utilize your connections to the fullest? Are you expecting miracles when NOT doing your part?

These are some questions I want you to REALLY ponder.

Personally I do what I can to make the most of all my connections.

Here are some tips to help you.

1) Participate actively – Step up and be involved

2) Take action – It’s one thing to learn new info and another to actually implement

3) Share your knowledge – by helping others you help yourself and build strong alliances that will pay off in the long run (possibly even sooner than expected)

4) Schedule regular meeting time - Stick to the schedule and be committed. Your dedication will pay off.

5) Review your benefits and perks -Often you receive newsletters, magazines, access to networking forums and more. Make sure you know exactly what your “mastermind” offers and take advantage of all the resources.

6) Be vulnerable - This can be difficult because often we’re held back by fear – we may lack the confidence to ask for the help and guidance we really need. At the same time the only way to grow is to expose your weaknesses (which may not even be weaknesses to start with.)

The success of your mastermind involvement really depends on you. It’s said on average maybe 20% of the people enrolled in programs actually do anything with the information. Be part of the 20% or help bring that percentage up.

If you aren’t utilizing your resources to the fullest potential, ask yourself what’s holding you back. Often it’s fear and lack of confidence. Remember – all members of mastermind groups are there for similar reasons. The environment is supportive and collaborative if you open yourself to the opportunities.

Now, go forth and mastermind.

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