Business used to mean to be able to sell or trade a product for the money. Then we added selling services as well when a professional offered their services.

According to Google’s definition, this is what business means:
a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade.

As recently as 20 years ago, when someone wanted to earn money, they would begin a venture that was profitable, they would think of selling something that was so valuable that they could make the most money out of it. This has a reason, 20 years ago all people cared about was money. How much money they were making, and how much were they accumulating as part of their wealth. The only thing that measured success was how much money you had, and how much you could keep even after having a luxurious lifestyle.

But things have changed

Forbes published an article ‘Bottom Line: A New Paradigm for Business is Here’ by Josh Bersin, that talked about how social enterprises are on the rise, and the sustainability sector is rapidly growing with companies being in on the trends towards factors other than ‘being the market leader’ or ‘increasing revenue by n per cent’.

The Puzzle of Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are often confused with NGOs or NPOs (Non-profit organisations) but that is not right. A social enterprise is a profit-making organisation that places social impact or environmental impact as it’s guiding principle. There is absolutely no need for you to compromise on your primary goal of having profits, or whatsoever it is to be a social enterprise. All you need is a concern to make a social impact, and ‘do business for good’.
This is because you need to ‘do good’ in order to ‘do well’. Now that is something simple that anyone should be able to implement in their business.

Social Enterprises in New Zealand

Social Enterprises in New Zealand
There are about 2500 businesses in New Zealand as of now that call themselves social enterprises according to The Register. One big part of these is the car removal industry. If you are thinking ‘What does a bunch of car towing services in Auckland have to do with social impact?’, think again.

What is a Car Removal Company?

Have you seen tow trucks in Auckland moving around the city with a damaged car sitting in the back? Or those tow trucks that are dragging around another vehicle that is completely useless now as it has met with a fatal accident? Yes, these tow trucks usually belong to these car removal companies that are picking up these damaged vehicles and accidental cars in Auckland.

Car Removal companies buy cars that have been damaged, broken, have gotten old or are just unwanted. Companies such as Auckland Car Buyer in Auckland will pay you cash on the spot for your old, unwanted car. This cash offer is as high as $8999 for the right cars! They also offer additional perks such as free paperwork for the sale of the vehicle, free car valuation and free pickup of vehicle from the location prescribed. These benefits have given added convenience to the process of selling a car in Auckland for Auckland’s car owners.

The next question that pops in the minds of the readers is,

“How is all of this done by a car remover related to the creation of any kind of social impact?”

We have an answer for you in the next section, read on!

Car Removal Companies and Social Impact

Car removal companies buy cars. These cars are of no use and will end up in a landfill if not re-used. Once this car is bought, it goes through auto-dismantling for its parts, and then scrap metal recycling. This makes the entire car useful again while making profits to the sellers of this scrap metal. This, in turn, benefits the landfills, by not polluting them even further, and gives more product to companies to use which can be reused as many times as they want.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to understand profit-making social businesses, you should investigate the working of car removal companies. They are a perfect example of how to make a profit while delivering commendable results and focusing on environmental impact.

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