Forming a company is not, perhaps, as hard as you might think. You can buy a company name for very little, and with modern technology at your fingertips can be up and trading as a fully registered company in as little as three hours.

The first step to getting into the business and marketing your own company, is choosing the right name. Which means, of course, finding a name not already registered to a different company.

In the old days, company names were chosen for their connotation alone. Something with zip and vigour showed a thrusting, dynamic company; while something more mellifluous was likely to denote a bespoke sort of business, the kind of company one might expect to provide haberdashery to the Queen.

In the modern world of interconnection, search engine optimisation and general digital promotion, choosing the name of your company has a much more serious aspect to it. You’re looking, if you can do it, to find a name that works well in search engines; is also easy to find in an alphabetical search; and which is memorable and standout too. So, in the future you can use SEO service like Tecsolo SEO for getting great results.

Often, new business people are advised to try and pick a company name either starting with a few As or a few Z’s. The theory being that any hard copy directory is most looked at on its first and last few pages.

Once you have a name, and have pad to set your company up with an official status, you can begin to pick your board of directors and shareholders. You may also want a company secretary though this is only optional – you don’t have to have one if it does not seem necessary.

It is also possible to get ahead in the business and marketing game by purchasing a readymade company. This can be of great benefit to people who don’t have the time to create a company of their own – or who need an aged company, ready to start bidding for work as soon as they activate it. In some places, a company must have been registered for a certain amount of time before it can legally bid for contracts: so by buying a pre aged company, you can get moving right out of the box.

In a purely business and marketing sense, buying an aged company may also help to scout for investments or bolster the confidence of consumers. In the same way, for instance, that a company able to put “founded in” or “since” a certain year on its products inspires a certain feeling of gravitas or quality, an aged company can make your potential consumer feel that she or he is investing in a business that knows what it is doing.

Be careful whine you choose an aged company, that the name you pick has the right sort of connotation for you. Because while businesses is business, marketing is the key to making that business work – and if you have an oddly suited name you can’t market yourself as convincingly.

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