Transportation around big cities has always posed a problem because of traffic congestion, pollution and the accidents happening every single day due to careless driving. The idea of a system which could transport both passengers and cargo in the same urban vehicle has always fascinated people in the transportation industry, desiring for a flexible and versatile system without any problems or worries for either the passenger or the cargo, reducing both pollution and traffic congestion.

Australia is one of the biggest countries featuring bus freight transportation with cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Queensland where bus freight is being transported every single day. In this article we are going to explain in more depth the bus freight system, its advantages and limitations.

The bus freight system was designed to allow varying combinations of the number of passenger seats and the size of the cargo hold area making the bus freight system ideal for any situations whether you have to transport lots of cargo or if you have to get many people to their destination on a busy day. Since in most big cities, busses have a rather low occupancy, the idea of using the bus as a cargo transportation method has arose to many people.

The bus freight system combines many new ideas with a professional looking design and modern technology allowing it to safely transport both passengers and goods to their destinations with any accidents happening to either the passenger or to the freight. There are though limitations to the bus freight system since a bus can carry a limited amount of cargo, an item being limited to a weight of around 25 kg. The dimensions of the transported object are also limited to around 200 cm wide and 80 cm tall. Another advantage would be that freight travel around the country all year long, meaning that your shipment should reach its destination rather fast.

The obvious advantage is the cost which is much lower than if you hired a professional transportation company, making the bus freight system ideal for anyone who wants to transport small goods to their destination. When it comes to safety, road transport has always been unsafe regardless of whether you’re transporting an object by car, bus or heavy haulage. But since bus accidents are pretty rare, your cargo should be safe for the period of the transit. Most companies providing bus freight transportation have an insurance policy for your goods. You should also contact the company about what type of goods and accidents are covered within the insurance policy.

You can also track the shipment by calling the company for information about the status of the transit. After the transportation has been completed you should be contacted by the depot service company that your shipment has arrived. Most companies which provide bus freight transportation also feature home delivery services, actually transporting the freight straight to your home, of course at a bigger cost.

As you have seen in the previous lines, the bus freight system is a completely new and innovative system allowing the transportation of both passengers and freight, reducing traffic congestion, pollution and maintenance costs.

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