Yogic practices are very trending nowadays. Everyone is practicing yoga these days. Yoga is a very scientific as well as spiritual approach to keep yourself calm and healthy. Yoga is known for its soothing effect on the mind, body, and soul. It improves the circulation of the blood, improves the flow of Prana (life force). Yoga practices can also reduce your belly fat and can your tummy a good shape. You can easily get the toned tummy by practicing some easy yoga poses.

Scroll over to know more about some of best and easy to follow yoga asanas-

Palm tree pose(tadasana)

This asana is very important for the side body muscles. Belly fat is also stored at the side of your stomach. In this posture, you simply need to stretch your both hands up and interlock fingers. Then stretch your whole body up with lifting your heals. Stretch in such a way that your body becomes like a straight tree and try to stand on your toes.

Swaying palm tree pose(tiryaka tadasana)

This is a bit hard but as it is hard so it will give you more benefits. This asana is very powerful so it can remove the fat if you practice daily 5-8 rounds of this asana on each side. In this asana, you need to stand with the feet apart equal to your shoulder width and stretch your hands up. After stretching your hands up, interlock your fingers and bend sidewise. Remember not to twist your body. Neither lean forward or backward. Just bend to sides. Repeat for both the sides. Practice tadasana before practicing this asana.

Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)

what virabhadrasana does to your body is- it gives strength to your thighs, core and your shoulders. And also stretches your side stomach muscles. Your legs should be parallel to each other and left leg at 90 degrees. The right foot inside. Keeping your legs straight, raise your arms over your head and align them with your shoulder. Turn your head with your eyes fixed on your wrist. Pursue 10 reps on each side.

Chair Pose

As the name refers, chair pose is a pose where you try sitting on a chair without a chair means you need to take the position of a chair to in this asana. The first Stand with the feet shoulder width apart with palms collapsed before your face. Bend your both knees together and squat in such a way that you are sitting on the edge of the chair. Raise your both hands in front of your chest and keep the shoulder width between your palms. Hold in the posture according to your strength and practice 4 to 6 rounds.

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