Easter is the festival celebrated by Christians all over the world with great joy and delight. Importance of easter day is no less than Christmas. The reason of Easter celebration is resurrection of God Jesus Christ after crucifixion. The crucifixion was on Friday and on Sunday Jesus came back to life. Date of Easter keep moving unlike Christmas because Easter is date is determined using lunar calendar rather than solar calendar which is why Easter is also known as moving fast. Easter Sunday can be any Sunday between 22 March and 25 April. Easter 2012 is on April 8th. The Easter Sunday is the beginning of the Easter season and it lasts for fifty days which finally ends on Pentecost.

The story behind how the day of resurrection of God Jesus got the name Easters is quite interesting. As per English monastic historian named Bede the word Easter is derived from the Anglo-Saxon which is actually the name of the month April and is also called "Eostremonath”, In course of time people started calling it Easter. It is also said that Easter got its name after the name Esostre the Anglo-Saxon goddess. Many European countries called Easter with different names like in Greek and Latin it is known as Pascha, in Italian it is called Pasqua, where as in French and Spanish it is better defined by the name Paques and Pascua respectively. After a forty- day period of fasting and moderating the last day of lent is celebrated as Easter. Easter Celebration includes distribution of chocolates, cookies, marshmallows, cakes, pastries with many tasty edible.

Easter is actually more of kid’s festival as they keep waiting for their Easter baskets. Kids use to believe that the baskets are being left for them by the Easter bunny. Concept of Easter bunny is supposed to came after Esostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who found a bird which was hurt badly, to save the life of the bird the goddess transformed it to a hare. The hare to show its gratitude towards the goddess offered its eggs. So to celebrate the same sprit people on Easter Sunday give Easter eggs, Easter baskets, gifts to each other. Greeting card on Easter is a new trend in today’s scenario, folk gives Easter cards to their friends and relatives. With the growing technology, greeting cards has transformed to musical cards. Musical cards are nothing different from the normal greeting cards except there special cards produce some soothing music or Easter message.

In early times people use to decorate bird’s eggs with colors, sparkles and other decorative stuff but at present chicken’s eggs are exploited for the purpose. Even Easter banner is the part decoration. Easter banners mostly possesses picture of either bunny or God Jesus Christ. There is one more interesting activity conducted on Easter: egg hunt, Easter eggs are placed at a secret place and children are asked to find them. This is the most loved section of the Easter by not only kids but elder people too.

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