Oh Profanity! It seems to be everywhere. It is spray painted on city walls around the world in every language known to man. It is heard in the media, music and heard in public places. What my mother would literally wash out my mouth with soap for saying is being used with professional expertise by second graders.
I have often wondered where profanity originated. Who made the determination which words were “bad”? What makes them bad other than what culture dictates? And, when the creators started using them did they know they were creating “bad” words? Some say that profanity is bad because it is taking the Name of The Lord in vain! Funny, as many times as I have read the bible I cannot find any reference of God being named any of those words. Maybe I need a new bible!
In many cases profanity is used to convey frustration and anger. People use words that have no meaning to describe inner turmoil and pain. And, then a there are those who cannot hold a discussion of any kind without it being riddled with profanity. I once worked with a young man who only possessed one adjective in his entire vocabulary. Threats of buying him a dictionary to expand his terminology were met with “what the #4%@ are you talking about”?
Therefore it is not surprising to find profanity on bumper stickers. Granted I have read some that were entirely inappropriate. I guess they want to show the world that they can use grown up words. It is just another example of the moronic exercising their first amendment rights! Anyway, there was a bumper sticker staring me right I the face. And in big bold letters there it was declaring the vehicles outlook on life (and I quote): “Life’s a bitch and then you die!” Boy ain’t that a positive outlook!!!
That outlook says “nothing good ever happens to me. So, I should just die!” people who believe that offers them no hope live what Emerson called “lives of quiet desperation.” They want more out of life. But they feel helpless to achieve it. They feel that good things only happen to a select few and the rest suffer through life. They will wait on something or someone outside of themselves to improve the quality of their lives. They will bank all of their hopes and dreams on a political candidate, a new significant other, a better job, or winning lotto numbers to transform their lives for the better. However, when the people or things fail to achieve the desired result (and they will), they will sinker deeper into this negative philosophy and spew it on everyone they come in contact with.
Here is the truth: happiness is an inside job! The only one that can make you truly happy is YOU! And, when a person accepts their responsibility for their life and their choices, then it doesn’t matter who or what fails them. The happiness will remain because it is not rooted in personal responsibility. Understand that no one can make you happy. Happiness is a choice. It is something you must choose to be. And, once a person comes to this realization, they will find it liberating!
The light changed and the car in front of me pulled away. I could not help but feel a little sad for them. They are going through the motions of life never living life to the full as it was intended to be lived. Perhaps one day they will come to the understanding that life will give you what you ask from it. Then maybe they would pull off that %$#& bumper sticker!

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Dan Toops has been involved in Pastoral Ministry for over twenty years and has touched the lives of thousands of people. By sharing life transforming principles, Dan has impacted lives in a positive way. Feel free to contact Dan for booking and product information at betterthinkingbetterliving@yahoo.com