When booking your RENTALS IN SPAIN check out the Spanish culture, more so the bullfighting. This sport has truly played a big part in Spanish culture even though a lot of people don't like it. This time-honoured tradition deserves to at least be checked out before you make a decision on this intrinsic part of Spanish culture in this beautiful country. Bullfighting is considered the oldest sport still in existence in Spain. This is a sport that you either love or hate; there is no in-between. Proof of this feeling is demonstrated by the animal rights activist groups.

If you would like to acclimate yourself to the sport of bullfighting without actually getting involved make a trip to the centre of Spain's bullfighting history: Murcia. This city is home to the Bullfighting Museum of Murcia. The museum has a collection of bullfighting posters and equipment used during the contest and costumes. There is also an array of books describing the sport and its history plus a plethora of videos. During the museums ninety year history, it has collected a lot of memorabilia from some of the most famous fights just waiting for you to discover this sport.

If after your visit to the museum, you would like to see an actual bullfight they take place at the Murcia Bullring on Ronda de Garay. If after seeing a bullfight and a trip to the museum, you are still not convinced then take a little time out and research the history of the bullfight from its beginnings and you will appreciate the sport even more.

The bullring dates back to the Celtic-Iberian time, but it was the Greeks and Romans that created the sport on a grand scale. In the beginning, only noblemen were allowed to fight the bull from horseback; they were known as “Toreros” and the original bullring was called the plaza. At some point in time, the King of Spain considered bullfighting to dangerous for his noblemen so they were banished from the sport. This is when the lower class took the sport as their own and fought the bull on foot because they couldn't afford a horse hence the sport developed to what we see today. The bullfighter today is known as a matador and the public has elevated their status above that of a nobleman.

The actual bullfight itself consists of three toreros that are required to do battle with two bulls each. The bullfight is referred to as a “corrida” and is a game of strategy between the bull and man. Today the bullfight is not as popular as it once was only because it has been outlawed in some parts of Spain.

The people who support this sport consider it as an art form. Some people even equate a bullfight with a religious experience that represents the fight between good and evil. The opposing side see it a simply a barbaric experience not to be practised by a member of civilized society. They can't understand why someone would want to kill one of god's creatures which have not done anything to them. They also believe the sport should be banned throughout the world.

When you book your RENTALS IN SPAIN, don't worry about the class of people who attend bullfights as they come from all walks of life. Some people come for the fight itself while others come for the tradition. At the end of the day, it’s a sport that dates back some 3000 years and has contributed a lot to the Spanish culture.

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