Sending bulk text messages is an essential technique for any successful marketing campaign. With 98% of messages opened in the first three minutes of delivery, it is inevitable to add SMS Marketing to your strategy.

According to Search Engine Journal, consumers who receive text messages have a 40% higher conversion rate than those who do not send text messages. From a financial perspective, bulk text messaging is one of the cheapest ways to communicate with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of customers. No matter where they are in the world. You can send mass text messages through the TextPort. TextPort is a bulk SMS marketing service provider founded in 2011.

You can cut your marketing budget to spend in half by considering cutting high-cost activities. Like, for example, creating and distributing marketing content in other digital or print spaces.

Sending bulk text messages is the most direct way to reach a customer. It has been a key part of the strategies of many large companies for more than a decade. However, it is gaining popularity as one of the most direct and effective communication channels available.

Bulk emailing combined with permission-based marketing will give you the best return of all the marketing channels you can use. Although the main thing in this type of strategy is to create campaigns that are of interest to your audience.

Is this offer good enough to make my customer happy? It may sound idyllic, but it's really what you need to make sure that by sending mass text messages you will be successful. Although, what should a good text message include?

When you create an SMS Marketing campaign, you need to have a clear message. Sending mass text messages involves working on a goal. Your message has to respond to a clear idea that goes beyond the simple fact of writing an SMS to impact users.

The key is consistency. The consistency of your message establishes your reputation. A well-executed marketing campaign can show immediate results, but business growth requires a track record of success that is built up by a succession of good strategies. Make your strategy have, therefore, a clear message and objective.

Make sure all individuals receive the message most relevant to them. With opt-in / opt-out, your audience has already volunteered to listen to you, which means they are already interested in what you have to say. Not all users have subscribed to your channel for the same reason.

Find the right way to segment your users. Although the first thing you should take into account is the type of shipment you are going to do. Depending on your objective, the relevant characteristics for each segment will be different. If you focus on a strategy by location, it is interesting to group users by location, for example.

Using your purchase history, demographics, or whatever other data you can access can help you decide which message to target for which segment. And so you will get the correct message to the right customer.

When creating your database of opt-in clients, request the name of your client. In this way, you can add a small custom field to the outgoing message.

In line with the previous points, you must ensure that when sending bulk text messages to your user segments, that content is total of value. This differentiation of user types aims to offer personalized content for each one.

Make sure you are always updating your messages, do not send the same message to different segments. Sometimes it can be correct but if it is extremely personalized, it will most likely not interest certain groups of users.

Keep your messages accurate by using simple informational language. Be short and direct. You know your target audience, create messages directly for them.

Adding value to your message will give your customers the impression that you are a brand that can be invested in. That is, you have quality service. With each campaign, your goal is to create something that benefits your customers. For example, offering advice or suggestions, new opening hours of your physical store, or personalized discounts.

Regardless of whether you use SMS to send alerts and reminders, confirmations, one-time passwords, authentications, or any other information, what you will have noticed right away is its high open-rate.

Text messages are created and sent to a database. Messages should meet some requirements, such as those mentioned above, to be successful. But there are also other keys that you should take into account.

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