Bulk SMS software is used widely in every business. Today most of the people use smartphones and It is an easy software that is used to message a large number of customers at the same time. The investment of message is in bulk. The software is simple and cost-effective.

Bulk SMS software is the cheapest mode of communication other than advertisement and email marketing. This software can be used business owner, marketing department, community group and anybody who wants to communicate with a large number of people. In this article, we will discuss the bulk SMS software thoroughly.

Introduction to Bulk SMS

Bulk message SMS is that where one person can send a message to a large number of people at same time. In a text message, we can send few messages at once. But Bulk SMS software hundred number of the recipient of one message at the same time. It is low cost than the regular SMS process.

Bulk SMS Trial from Sip2Dial

We Sip2dial provide world’s best bulk SMS software for your small businesses. Whether you want to send a single reminder message or a thousand messages, our bulk SMS software is capable of providing a reliable, secure and simple device to manage all aspects of your SMS marketing campaign. You can use our bulk SMS software from your computer, tablet or smartphone with complete features to various browsers. From startups to multinational businesses, our text messaging software is being used across the world by thousands of contact centers.

Bulk SMS pricing

Bulk SMS software is cheaper than the traditional form of SMS. With a minimum investment of money, it can reach the target audience. It can calculate the number of sales and customers that SMS led to.

Sending the SMS throughout India
Bulk SMS software provides a standard platform to allow clients in India to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS dating services, SMS marketing campaigns. There are two delivery routes into India – Transactional and Promotional. The default is for messages to be steered by means of the promotional route. The Transactional course is accessible and has neither the point of confinement on time of day nor the “Don’t Disturb” check for conveyance. Be that as it may, this course must be utilized for movement which is really value-based.

Bulk SMS Full Version Advantages

It is mobile friendly:-

You can easily use bulk SMS software in mobile phones. There is a multilingual software option also available so that you can reach the various targeted audience.


Bulk SMS software is more secure than the traditional mode of text messaging. As it is cloud-based, it encrypts the data of your customers and agents to ensure data protection from various cyber threats. In case any natural disaster occurs, bulk SMS software is easy and flexible to recover.

Highly efficient:-

The traditional modes of communication reach only to a certain number of customers. But through bulk SMS software you can reach to thousand numbers of customers. You can customize your message according to the convenience of the recipients.


In this article, we discussed bulk SMS software is worthy and time-saving. It can replace the traditional models of the advertisement process. It can reach the target audience easily. In this information technology era where all work can be performed by software technology than why shouldn’t bulk SMS.

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