When we use external information as our source to create options, we are simply merging into the opinion expressed by others, forgetting our ancient library, the library of our soul. What use is this to us? No wonder the media and all written material do their best to influence us. We are swayed easily, we are influenced too quickly, only because we have not engaged our soul in interacting with external information. This leaves us without soul care, similar to no parental care for a child.

Working from our mind, which has nothing but our past experiences, labeled and categorized, we are repeating and repeating everything we have done in the past under new circumstances. Everything that happens is here and now. At any time there is only the present moment. Look at our soul to seek wisdom from its ancient library available to you for guidance, with no need for a library card or a membership. You are a lifelong member of this library. How many of us use this seriously? This is our soul available to guide your living; use it well and use it all the time. This is the seat of consciousness, where your true being resides, silently waiting for you to come knocking on its doors. The mind is not a place of wisdom, not your Go-To; it’s merely a processing tool. But what are you processing? Desires of the body supported by the mind. All of humanity from inception has been doing the mind-body routine. Where has this taken us? Look at the world we now live in. The answer is clear, visible and loud. We are not evolving.

Matter and material are never a true inspiration for greatness, pursuit of this is only playing to our deep body desire to acquire things other than what we really need. The mind is built to be loyal to the body because the body is vulnerable. It’s the weakest of the three aspects and therefore needs protection. It’s a babysitter for the body. Since the body is a physical form, it is easily subject to damage. The mind gives it protection by providing a shield. So remember this, the mind works to protect our body; it should not be confused as the seat of higher learning or the originator of higher thoughts. Our mind is simply a powerful processor, pre-programmed to serve and protect our body, totally loyal and biased to your body. While this is important for your survival, it is not inclusive, because it is not meant to be. That part and role belongs to our soul, your third aspect. That is the soul’s job description, as we say in our world. This mind-body combination served us well during our survival times, when our ancestors lived in hostile environments and conditions. It is no longer relevant today; survival as an instinct needs to become extinct. We no longer need this instinct. Survival is not an issue today. Growth and development of the human being is the real need today. We need to develop beyond muscle and mass. When we are threatened, fear and anger increases our reflexes and to some degree our strength. This was useful during the times of our ancestors to run from the saber-toothed tiger and hunt for meat. It no longer serves our purpose today.

Neil David Chan

Author's Bio: 

Neil David Chan is a spiritual thinker and has been writing about his thinking in private journals. He has traveled extensively across many continents, lived in many countries, interacted with many cultures and spoken to thousands of people. Neil can usually be found reading a book , and that book will more likely than not be a novel. Writing a nonfiction book was always been on his bucket list and eventually with A HIGHER CONVERSATION, it became a reality. When not reading or writing Neil loves to trek in the nature to admire its beauty and the simplicity all around. Neil lives with his wife and two children in North America.