In building high self-esteem for yourself, you need to begin with the idea, that you are the most important person in your life. As the story of your life unfolds, you are the screenwriter, as well as the producer, and director. You are in total control, over the film, biography of your life.

The way the story of your life ends up depends, mostly, on the way you look at yourself. If you see Mr. or Mrs. Super-Hero, in the mirror, your life script, is an adventure. It is a drama, with obstacles, that are fun to overcome. And you are having the time of your life.

As the winner, you get the gold medal. You’re the super-hero, and as the movie fades into the sunset, the girl or guy, is yours, along with all the fame and fortune. It's all so easy, when you are the super-hero, of your life.

If, you see the wimp, in the mirror, your life story becomes a tragedy. The obstacles never give you time to get up. Everything is against you, no matter how hard you try. Even winning the lottery, turns sour, as all the money disappears, and you end up in bankruptcy court.

As the screen dissolves into black, just like your life, leaving a big zero. Shaking their heads, everyone leaves the theater, thinking of the waste of a life. What a terrible tragedy.

There is only one, real difference, in these two stories, the view-point of the writer. Wild, fun adventure, or sad, tragedy. When you really examine it closely, the point of view of the author, is the thing that determines, which fork in the road is taken.

As the author of your life, your point of view, of yourself, will write your life’s story. Everything you tell yourself you are, ends up being true. All the tales you tell about yourself, ends up being true. All the ways you speak about yourself, ends up being true.

All together, these things, determine how low or how high self-esteem is in you. The more positive, your self-esteem, the more you like yourself, and the more comfortable you are with yourself. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more likely you are to write your life as an adventure, to be lived on your terms.

If you remember, this article, started by saying, that you are the writer, producer, and director, with the total control, over how your life’s story plays out. With fiction, of course, that is true, but in reality, that is not totaly true.

Things pop up, everyday, that are totally out of your control. You had nothing to do with picking your parents, for instance. The teacher that hated you, was not your 1st choice. And being paralyzed, by a stroke, was way down on the list of your dreams.

However, Who you see in the mirror, determines how you react to, and view whatever happens to you in your life. Your self-esteem is completely up to you. Your self-esteem comes from what you think and you have control over what you think. At least how you react to your thoughts.

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Russ Stiffler is a two-time World Record Holder and coach of World and National Champions. He has seem how successful people have a power that drives them to succeed. For your free copy of 7 Ways to Plug into the Power of the Super-Successful, visit