When it comes to business—and life—it’s best to build bridges that will endure.
The building blocks, and bridges, of success often emerge in different ways.
Treat your business with respect. If you respect it, it will respect you.
Build your business around others. The customer, the client—the person who receives and buys that which you have to offer—is the lifeblood of your business and its ability to thrive, even in difficult times.
Think about what you can do to offer incentives to your customers that will make them want to do business with you.
Think outside the box. Write a different story. What does that mean? Set yourself apart from all those doing the same thing you are. The best edge over your competition is to be better and sharper than your competition. Whether offering a product or a service, think about what you can do better than anyone else in your field, and then do it! Go the extra mile and leave something extra on the table when you’re setting up shop, or business, with someone.
Pay close attention to the associations you keep. Help them with their business and make your business built on giving rather than simply receiving.
Pay dividends! Make people want to do business with you by paying dividends—dividends of honesty and integrity but also dividends of “rewards for work well done”. Offer encouragement and if someone opened a door for you when you were setting out to blaze a new trail, by all means, be a door opener for someone else.
Be consistent and reliable. Consistency in networking and consistency in the way you do business will only reap you the rewards you desire. Be reliable by always being where you are supposed to be, when you are to be there.
Seek the advice and encouragement of others who already successful and what you want to do. Learn from what others in your field have to offer you. Take constructive criticism easily and never burn a bridge that you may have to walk back over one day.
Take the limitations off yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to dream and achieve and believe that the higher the expectation or goal, if you work hard enough, you’ll achieve it.
Do not despise small beginnings and never forget where you came from. Don’t look back—live in the moment and look forward to tomorrow. Believe in yourself and believe that dreams can come true, if you build the right bridges.

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Larnette Phillips is an entreprenur, owner and founder of her own publishing, film and entertainment company. She is the creator and publisher of the book 'Women and Success' and the newsletter, 'A Word in Due Season'.