Building backlinks for free can put your site on the first page of Google. That translates into a huge boost in traffic to your blog or website. What I intend to share with you is an simple to use, free approach designed to create numerous one way backlinks to you site.

As I was reviewing the statistics of an article that I posted, to one of the better article directories, I chose to click on a link that grabbed my attention. Here, I found out about a approach in place to help you start building backlinks to your blog for free. You can obtain up to 120 one way links going back to your website or blog for each article you submit, for free. This is how it works...

Building Backlinks For Free

A lot of blog owners are interested in a way to have quality articles posted to their blog on a consistent basis. This helps them satisfy their visitors with brand new content and helps them keep their search engine ranking. So they will allow this service to post your information with links back to your site or blog in them.

The articles you submit must include a minimum of 450 words. You can include two links going back to any site, blog, article, lens, or hub page you wish. You get to choose the blogs and the categories you want your information appearing on. For free, you can select up to 30 blogs where your content will appear.

Every post made to each blog will additionally include a tag page where your articles will be displayed. A tag is a specific keyword or keyword phrase you want your articles to be associated with. When you add these up, 2 links for every article posted to 30 blogs (60 links) with the addition of a tag page posting (60 additional links) gives you up to 120 links back to where you desire. All this for free, it's awesome!

The major search engines, including Google, will see these links associated to your site and rank your site more favorably. One thing you should be aware of is that you would like your article to appear as being unique, ideally on each blog it's appearing on. This free system has the capability of posting information that you spin. What spinning does is allow you to use synonyms for words in your articles so your content appears as being unique to the search engine robots. A video tutorial shows you how to spin your content.

Personally, I started using this system to augment how I'm building backlinks to my blog. Article marketing is one of my MLM lead generation strategies. In this strategy, you create an article for a particular keyword targeted market, spin it, and submit it to about 200 article directories. I use Automatic Article Submitter to spin and auto submit all my articles. Now all I do is take the spun version of my content, do some minor spin reformatting and submit them to this free service for posting to the blogs I select. It's a no brainer.

An additional thing you'll like about this system is that they send your content to two or three blogs per day. This is important, as it is building backlinks to your website or blog as they would occur naturally. This procedure is definitely more promising for search engine ranking. As your links increase in ranking so does your site traffic. If you learn to use this service wisely and choose good keywords, you might get your site on the first page of Google and that means enormous amounts of traffic. Learn to convert that traffic into leads and sales and who knows, you may be the next Internet success story.

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