The housing market is crowded. In fact, we have too few homes for the current demand. Therefore, we are also working hard on new-build homes. Perhaps you are also thinking about realizing your dream home yourself.

We often forget that building or renovating our new house is not just about choosing the right material, color or design. There is more to it, such as the calculated budget and keeping it. Hiring the right contractor, contracts, permits and a number of other things also matters. We also forget that not everything always runs smoothly as we think. There may be delays in construction or renovation because items have to be ordered respectively and the delivery could be late.

Mistakes can be made by the architect or the construction company. Here are the steps you can take when discovering mistakes to avoid by custom home building company.

Too little attention

Almost everyone makes this construction error. It is precisely this good preparation that ensures the most beautiful and best result of your renovation. Make sure that your renovation plans are worked out in detail. This starts with taking a very good look at logistics.

Choosing the cheapest contractor

If you arrange a contractor for your renovation yourself, we always recommend that you request quotes from several parties. If the price is very low, the contractor often wants the work too badly. There is a risk that you will be faced with a substantial additional work bill afterwards, or the work is only partially or poorly completed. In short: Does it seem too good to be true? Then that is often the case! For a good comparison it is in any case important that you understand what is stated in the quotations. Use our glossary for this.

Living in the House during Renovation

On the one hand, it seems nice to continue to live in your house during the renovation, but on the other hand you have to take into account considerable inconvenience. Your house is less livable for several weeks and everything is covered with dust. Early in the morning when you are just getting dressed or feeding your children, the first drill starts.

Saying No to the Interior Architect

Think about it: You are in the process of spending tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't you want to spend that money optimally? You shouldn't think about the fact that you will soon be finished with your renovation and it still isn't quite as you want it to be?’

Underestimating your remodel

It all seems quite simple: having a good budget made, keeping everything within budget and preferably within the planned time? In reality, this is more difficult than it seems. Do not assume the most favorable scenario, because there are always unforeseen extra work and therefore costs. After all, not everything can be chewed out completely in advance.

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Misty Jhones