Gratitude, what exactly is it? It is defined scholarly as being the state or feeling of appreciation for anything. On a more spiritual and philosophical side, some have explained it as being in the present and in peace, while having a deep appreciation for life in general.

In nature, one may be grateful for the sun's warmth, the wind's soft touch, or the oceans rhythmic beat. In business we also have much to be grateful for. This includes not only the patients which come in and receive treatment, but also those that deny it as well.

No matter what the reason behind a patient denying treatment, you can be grateful that they took the time to come in and sit down with you. They listened to your information, your personal stories, and your explanation of the medicine you take pride in. Even if they do not receive treatment, don't let them leave empty handed. Let them know you appreciate them coming in. Also learn from them. Why did they decide not to receive treatment from you? If you can figure this out, you may be able to change something that you do during your consultation to help accommodate future patients.

The great zen master Dogan has stated, "Continuous practice, day after day, is the most appropriate way of expressing gratitude. This means that you practice continuously, without wasting a single day of your life, without using it for your own sake. Why is it so? Your life is a fortunate outcome of the continuous practice of the past. You should express your gratitude immediately."

A quick professional way of offering gratitude:
-A thank you note. This goes an incredible distance to those who receive it. The key here is to make sure it is hand written. This gesture shows you took the time to reflect on the person and are truly grateful they visited with you.

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