It is clear that to build an acupuncture practice we have to be both the health practitioner and the business person, everyday we go to work. Therefore, we are always wearing 2 hats when dealing with our patients. One hat is the person taking care of the patient and administering the acupuncture. The second hat is the sales person, the one who deals with all financial and business interactions with the patient. This includes selling the acupuncture treatments and making sure the patient reschedules as suggested.

It is important to note, before we go any further, that you absolutely can be a sales person in your acupuncture practice in an ethical and sincere manner. In fact, the more compassion and care that you have for your practice and patients, the more successful and effortless your sales approaches will be.

Now if it was just as easy as putting an ad out then having a patient walk in your door and pay you, and then just continue to receive treatments without any extra work on your part, that would be wonderful.

But unfortunately, we know that it takes a lot of effort to get to the point of administering the acupuncture treatment and receiving payment. Marketing is the first step. If your patient finds your ad, and they like what they see, then they will pick up the phone and call you.

When they make that call, they will be feeling you out to see if you are someone they want to work with. They will probably ask you a few questions, maybe in relation to financial concerns, insurance coverage or your availability and hours. They may also be asking about your services and if you feel you can help them. Every answer that you reply with is an important part of the overall sales process. If you answer in a way that turns your patient off, then your sale has failed and the potential income from that person has disappeared. On the other hand, if you answer these questions or concerns in a manner that builds confidence and trust, then you will be moving on the next aspect of the sale, the initial consultation.

When you schedule this initial consultation, be sure to also leave an opportunity for the patient to receive their first treatment right after it. During this initial consultation you should create an eagerness in the patient to begin treatment and you want don’t want to lose that potential.

If your patient or client receives a treatment then you may be thinking the sales part of your patient interaction is complete. But let’s remember, the patient can change their mind at any time and decide not to continue treatment with you.

Therefore, not only do you have to provide the services you sold them on, you also have to meet the expectations you have set for them and continue to sell your services and what you have to offer each time the patient comes in for a treatment.

Whether it is having the patient come in for further treatments, selling other services or goods you may offer, or working to get referrals from them, you should never stop selling.

The best part of sales in a healthcare setting is the more sales you make means and the more patients you are seeing and therefore the more people you can help. Lastly, your profit is a direct ratio with your patients satisfaction and your ability to help them!

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