Are you enough Self-confident?

Self-confidence is an attitude which allows everyone to have positive views of them in every situation. People who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful. Self-confidence is belief that you can handle any situation correctly. If you have more self-confidence then you will handle the difficult situation correctly in your life. And also you will complete your task with a successful ending.

In our everyday life everyone have to do lot of works which we need to complete. Some time it can’t be done. Did you know why?

Because you may know that the main reason behind this is, lack of self-confidence. The reason to lack of self-confidence is you will be afraid to take risk of trying something that you are not sure you can handle. And also having a poor self-image about you. Self-confidence is not a general trait but instead you have different confidence levels for all the different activities you do.

How to build your self confidence level

First you should know about yourself that what are the reasons lacking my self-confidence. Then identify the reason and list out it. I would like to tell you to write down all the factors you are lacking self-confidence. Then correct them in your everyday routine life. Here the most common factors that everyone having in lack of self-confidence.

Depending on others

Depending on others to take decision or to do your own works. This action will tell you that you are lack of self-confidence and you ask help from other one to do your work. Therefore do your work your own and take decision by yourself. When you practice this I think you will become more successful in your life.

Inferiority complex

Another reason behind the lack of self-confidence is inferiority complex. You may be always think about you that I am not good looking person or I have no talent to do that work. Having a self-image problem can make you to feel inferiority than your friends. So you need to fix your inferiority complex. I will say about it in my next article how to overcome inferiority complex.

Comparing yourself with others

Comparing yourself with others may also leads to lack of self-confidence in your life. Comparing your ability, your knowledge, your talent etc. Therefore don’t compare yourself with others in every situation. It is insulting about you. So increase your ability to the works, increase your knowledge and practice the actions to increase your self confidence level.

Finally I would like to say the fear is the main reason to lack of self-confidence. Therefore don’t afraid to take risks in your everyday life activities. There are several factors to discuss. I will continue them in my next articles.

Author's Bio: 

I'm A.M Azhar. BSc graduate and currently reading psychology for further studies. I am interested in writing personnel development articles according to psychology.