When we think of building lean muscles, we always associate it with weight lifting and going to the gym. Those hunky bodies we see in magazines, on tv or online lifting barbells define our idea of building lean muscle.

In reality, however, building lean muscle is far simpler. This is not to say that these ways make the process any easier. These still require discipline, dedication and time. But since these are sustainable in the long-term, not only are these used to jumpstart your way to leaner muscles, you also use them to keep those muscles lean and toned for life.

It's no secret really. The top 3 proven ways of building muscles are 1) proper diet in frequent amounts, 2) strength training and 3) cardiovascular exercises. Let's look at each closely.

Proper diet refers to the correct types of food you eat and the frequency by which you eat these to achieve lean muscle mass. You have to ensure that you get at least 15 to 20 grams of protein at every meal. You should eat at least 5 to 6 times per day. Avoid processed food at all costs and get your protein from lean meat, eggs and fish. Protein is essential because it builds muscle mass. Eat your veggies and fruits and watch that you don't fall below 8 glasses a day on your water intake. By observing these eating and drinking habits, you will boost your metabolism so your body can burn the most number of fats.

Strength training through multi-joint exercises that give a full body workout is best for building muscle. Isolation exercises are not the way to toned muscles. To build muscle mass, you'll want to go for squats, bench presses, bent-over rows and chin-ups. If you can afford a trainer who can tailor a program specifically for you, that would be best. If not, don't make the mistake of spending hours upon hours in the gym. This can actually be counterproductive. The more hours you spend exercising, the more protein from your muscles will get burned off as energy. Over time, prolonged exercising can actually impair your immune system and make you sick. Intense training sessions shouldn't take longer than an hour and no more than 5 days a week.

Cardiovascular exercises will burn calories during and after each session, thus boosting your metabolism and burning away fat. If you want to keep your muscles lean for life, choose cardio workouts that you can conveniently do everyday. Brisk walking is obviously the simplest and easiest. If you have a pool or there's one nearby, swimming is also a great alternative.

Building lean muscle isn't really as difficult as what it has been made to be. Good sense and proper knowledge of how muscles grow and develop and ingesting the kind of nutrients your body needs in order to build muscle mass are all part of the whole process. Like any other goal that you wish to attain, building a well- toned lean physique is attainable. You just have to take the time and harness the right attitude in order to make it happen.

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