Customer service is also a fundamental part of your business’sales lead generation campaign.After all, there will be occasions, especially when calling current customers, that some problem or vexation will be brought up during the discussion. When that happens, it is important to deal with them quickly. Once such problems have been resolved, the next stage of promoting products or services can be had. But to effectively take care of that, one must have telemarketing campaign on handling customer complaints. This can have a huge impact on a business’ in terms of generating sales leads and nurturing customer loyalty. You just need to know where to start.

First of all, remember that there will always be problems encountered with business. You might as well get ready for it. No matter how great your product is, there will be a situation where clients or customers will not be happy. You have to soothe these unsatisfied customers before anything else. Take responsibility for any shortcomings in your product or services. If this issue repeatedly comes up, you should be proactive and deal with it immediately. Also, if you know a problem or issue is coming up, inform your customers about it. This will show that you are on top of the situation.

Also, solving problems should not be seen as a bane of your existence. Rather, you should take it as an opportunity for you to learn. What if there really is a performance issue in your products or service, but you receive no feedback? Most likely, you will continue producing less than stellar products, further complicating your chances of success in the appointment setting campaign. When customers complain, take this as a sign that you need to make changes fast. You can say that you are lucky that you receive complaints, since these people actually
made the effort to inform you that something is wrong. You now have the chance to do better.

Third, do not focus on the blame. This is counter-productive, to be honest. Instead of finally getting to the root of the problem, you end up wasting your time pinning the blame on anyone but you. Rather a wasteful effort, right? And your customers are not getting anywhere near solving their problems. What you should do is to have your lead generation team focus more on solving the issue at hand. Not only will this avoid the headaches blaming can cause; it will solve the issues being faced by customers faster.

And lastly, always remember that the sales representative handling the call must be the one to deal with the problem. First call resolution is one of the most important goals in sales. This can be seen much better if we use telemarketing as an example. As long as you provide your sales rep with the authority and the resources to deal with business concerns, it is a simple matter to solve the problem, and then proceed in generating qualified sale leads.

That will get you more loyal customers in the end.

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