My name is Bernard Addison and I am a proud member of the Wealth Creations Network or WCN. Over the last few months I have written about our no money out of pocket system to join our wealth builders club. How you can join as a “Free Member”which only means you are an apprentice. During this period you learn all about us. Our strategies designed to make you money online. You also start learning what it takes to be an outstanding internet marketer. This is the training that will allow you to use the Internet to put money in your pocket.
Since August 2010 I have written articles that stress our training and our wealth building strategies. And I have been asked to explain our strategies. People want to know what kinds of training could we receive that will allow us to use the Internet to put money in our bank accounts!
A major strategy is to learn how to tell your story and the club's story. We do this here on sites life SelfGrowth, Hubpages and The Free Traffic System. This wonderful website allows us to tell our story in writing. So every member of WCN is committed to writing about our wealth builders club online. We write about why we joined the Wealth Creations Network and why this club is so special. So articles like this not only promote the Wealth Creations Network but it promotes me the writer of the article. Articles like this help us recruit new members. Every affiliate needs six people to join them. Articles like this keep you from begging friends, associates and relatives to join you. Why waste your time when the internet has thousands of people looking for an opportunity to make money online. Articles like this put cash in you pocket and all it cost to advertise yourself and the club is time. The time it takes to write and post the article.
And we have writing classes for those who think they can't write or who believe they have nothing to say. Our classes are conducted by WCN CEO Salina Brantley and world class internet marketer Joshua Rodriguez. Under their tutelage you are taught how to write and the steps to post articles on The Free Traffic System. If necessary Salina will hold your hand and walk you step by step through the system. This training is available to all affiliates who have completed their “Free-apprentice” training. One thing you learn fast is that to make money online you have to know how to market yourself online. And as you write you start to build confidence in yourself and you become more competent.
Internet Marketing and Internet money making go hand in hand. In future articles I will talk about some of our other money making strategies. This is just the beginning of things we are taught that makes us money. But why wait another minute of get started. Join us today at
Start learning how we make money online. And that the goal of the Wealth Creations Network is for every affiliate to make money online fast.
Bernard Addison wrote this article and is a loyal member of the Wealth Creations Network.

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I am Bernard Addison. My specialty is insurance and annuities. I have been an insurance agent since 1993. For over 10 years I taught a state required life and health pre-licensing course in TN and KY.
I also am a member of the Wealth Creations network. I was attracted to WCN by its commitment to help members make money online and the training it provides its members.