A large part of success when taking any physical sport to something of a higher level is the mental toughness you need to develop to get there. Whether you are trying to extend your distance, your endurance, your speed, a large part of that is being able to stay completely focused even when you hit those inevitable hard times. When you have a cycle coach to support you, and you have goals and objectives to work towards, building mental toughness is a large part of the training.

Focus on your goals

First of all, you need to set yourself real goals. Goals that are achievable, but ones that gradually get harder so that you are challenging yourself. Focusing on goals is harder when you might also be battling with issues like low self-esteem or anxiety, or even depression, but it is still possible. Rather than focusing on the end goal that is too large right now, focus on smaller goals that keep you motivated and keep you moving towards the larger prize or end goal.

Learn from the past

Mistakes, race losses, and so on happen. They are a part of every cyclist's life. Everyone has missed a goal, made a poor judgment, focused in the wrong place. With the help of a great cycle coach, and with some mental toughness you need to accept those errors and learn from them. But that does not mean dwelling on them and beating yourself up over them. Do not let mistakes define you, let them strengthen you.

Take a chance

Sometimes opportunities come along where you have a choice of whether to play something safe or take a chance. As long as you are not risking your health, lean towards taking a chance! It is good for your mental strength to test yourself and push yourself. Sometimes it won't work out, but there are still things you can learn from that to help in your development.

Have flexible training plans

Your triathlon training plans or cycling training plans should have a degree of flexibility. If something is not working, or something else comes up that needs attention, be ready to change those plans and make tweaks, or even come up with a new plan. Your training program has to work for you if you are going to reach your goals.


When you are training focus on yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and what your triathlon training plans reveal. Sometimes you can get caught up with what others are achieving that you are not, or what others win that you have not. Your mental strength means the only thing that matters is you. Some athletes are naturally good at this kind of mentality, and some have to work on it. Just keep believing in yourself and make use of the experts and support you have around you, and you can get yourself on the path towards success. The journey is not going to be completely bump free, but it will help you become a better athlete.

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