“Above all, challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish.” - Cecile M. Springer

Building a wardrobe that expresses your own uniqueness takes a bit of science. Your task is to put together clothing you can wear anytime, anywhere, with confidence, and with an attitude that reveals your very own style. This includes everything from the way you style your hair to the height of your heels.

In caring about what you wear, you are making a commitment that requires planning and shopping carefully and sensibly. After buying your clothing, the next step is to respect them while wearing them and to care for them when you are not. The uniqueness comes up when you alter something that is old by adding to it, or changing it into something new.

The trick is in creating a look that is only yours. Stamp everything you own with your individuality. Your personality. Your unique characteristics that no one else shares. A well-rounded wardrobe does not mean that you have to spend lots of money, or by how many expensive garments you own. It means that you must take care of what you already have. Know what looks good on you and take pride in expressing it. As long as it is tasteful you are in control.

Even if you are not aware of it, when there is a major change in your life, your wardrobe may suffer. Relocating to another state or even another country; getting a new job, losing a job, or going through a divorce, retiring from the work force, all have dramatic pressures on your life. The way to dress during those times may change. As a result, learn to identify what major challenges may affect your life and your wardrobe preferences and stand up to the challenge.

When building your wardrobe, here are three types of challenges that you may recognize. Discover which one fits you and your unique personality.

. Are you likely to believe whatever the salesclerk tells you? When you go shopping to buy something to wear to a special Saturday night event, and your mind is blank, consider these four simple questions and feel free to add more of your own.

1. Is the item you want something that you will wear many times, or is it just for one special event?

2. Do you prefer a short cocktail dress or an evening top with matching pants?

3. Have you set a spending budget? Is quality more important than buying an inexpensive outfit?

4. Do you want to stand out from the crowd, or blend in?

With these questions in mind, your sales person can help you make the right selection and direct you to something that interests you and your style.

. Are you a shopper who just likes to look?

When you are just browsing and looking at clothing or merchandise without any real intention of purchasing, you are a challenge for the attentive salesperson. If you show the slightest interest in a particular garment the salesperson tries to turn you into a customer. New styles may be pointed out, or called to your attention. However, if you are not pressured or rushed, the opportunity to make a purchase may happen. Then, if the perfect outfit is brought to your attention you will not feel guilty about buying it.

. Do you shop only when you know exactly what you want?

You go into a store and ask the salesperson to show you a short, black pencil skirt and a white long sleeve blouse with ruffled cuffs in size twelve. If one or both are not available, the salesperson may make another suggestion or show you something similar. Acknowledge the fact that your specific choices are not available, and change that negative into a positive. You may even find something more suitable for your purpose, and may also like the new choices much better .

Whatever your shopping habits are, try to shop when you are relaxed, have plenty of time, and a flexible plan in mind. After all, the salesclerks are there to help you with your choices and do not wish to stop you from shopping. Your time is equally as precious as their time. Then, make your shopping adventure a unique way to replenish your wardrobe, and express who you really are.

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