Below are some suggestions for how to set up a marketing plan for yourself.
Therapist Identity – how do you describe yourself, how do you help, what does the client get?

Maintaining Vitality as a Therapist – how do you stay fresh and knowledgeable?

Maintain a High Standard of Service and Quality

Knowing the Business of Psychotherapy

Knowing the art of Psychotherapy

Develop your vision of what is needed.

Develop a marketing mindset; bring out that inner "mad men"

Stand out from the crowd

Place yourself in a learning environment, i.e. supervision, workshops, training programs.

Learn to tolerate the anxiety of not knowing and waiting. The energy you put out today may pay off in 6 months.

Maintain honesty and integrity in all your business practices.

Create a marketing plan that utilizes many resources: researchers concluded a message must penetrate the mind of a prospect a total of 9 times before that message is absorbed. The bad news is that for every 3 times you expose your prospect to your marketing message, it gets missed or ignored 2 of those 3 times. So you've got to get the message out 27 times to make the 9 marketing exposures.

Create a support system

Remember the investment of time, money and energy is an investment you make in yourself for life.

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Hi, I am Licia Ginne, a licensed marriage and family therapist with a successful private practice in Santa Monica, California. I have a full time private practice, which I have been in for over 20 years and in the mental health field for almost 30 years. I do consultation and training in practice development, marketing, creating a web presence and website development. My therapy practice is strictly fee for service based, I removed myself from all insurance panels about 10 years ago and have been fortunate to have an overflow of referrals that I refer out or at times have another therapist working with me. I have learned how to develop and build my practice and create a web presence that has a successful organic ranking with the search engines.