In any kind of business, marketing is the most important tool to achieve growth and develop your business. For this reason, you need a very effective marketing strategy in order to boost traffic, productivity, and sales. Indeed, you can make lots of money online, but only if know your way around and employ the best marketing strategies.

What most people don't know is that online marketing does not have to be very complicated. You just need to use the right techniques to make it work.

Building a list is an excellent marketing technique to build your business. I'm sure that you've heard this phrase a thousand times, "the money is in the list." And the reason that you've heard it so often is that it is true. Why? Because with a good opt in list, you can keep your readers interested by providing them with information, promotions, and free gifts in order to entice them to buy again from you.

Basically, your opt in list consists of the names and email addresses of customers who have consented to receive your information. Because they have given you their consent, you can send them any type of offer, information, or sales offers as often as you like (unless and until they unsubscribe from your list). In order to keep them as subscribers, you should develop a relationship with them by sending them plenty of important information and valuable free gifts along with your promotional offers. This ensures that they will remain on your list for a long time.

There are many advantages to creating an opt in list for your business;

1. Your list is your business’ most valuable asset.

Most people will not buy a product until they have been exposed to it between 5 and 7 times. Using your list, you can repeat offers to your list as often as you like. This increases the likelihood that they will buy from you.

2. Members of your list will buy from you again and again.

As long as you continue to offer them good quality information and products, they will continue to buy from you. It is much easier to deal with customers that know and trust you, than to go out and try to find new customers. As you build a relationship with your list, they will buy more and more of your products.

3. A bigger list means bigger profits.

For each member you have on your list, you can expect to generate about one dollar in sales each month. For that reason, you should continually continue to build your list.

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