Americans today are more value-driven than ever! We're buying fewer goods, but we're paying more attention to the worth of what we buy and the value we receive for the hard-earned money we spend. It's not enough to simply find the lowest price anymore! Consumers are also asking: Is it exactly what I need? Will it last a long time? Will I need to change it within just a few years or will I stay happy with it over the long term?

In these uncompromising financial times, massage therapists nationwide are having to be more particular than ever about the class of the massage tables and other equipment they choose. So if you are in the market for a new portable massage table or stationary model: buyer beware! Don't fall prey to rock-bottom prices and questionable quality just for the sake of saving a few bucks upfront. In order to adequately boost your bottom line over the long term you need to make a conscientious, calculated and value-driven decision.

Ways to Purchasing For the Conscientious Consumer

Table Function: What will you utilize your massage table for? It's important to consider every single service you may provide your customers not just now but also in the future, and then purchase a model accordingly. If you "go cheap" and do not buy a style that has all the features that allow you to provide top-notch service, you will undoubtedly end up paying more in the long run either for add-ons, additional massage tables or alternatives. Bottom line: if your finances only allow you to buy a single piece of equipment, then value dictates you make it a really good one!

Peace For You & For Your Client:

Touch therapy is all about comfort isn't it? The table you use should be barely noticeable to your client because it's so perfectly designed that the focus can remain where it belongs: on the excellence of your touch! If your client has a unsatisfactory experience because he or she simply wasn't able to acquire a high level of relief on your table, that client will be lost forever. Real value means never conceding on the satisfaction of clients just for the sake of saving a dollar or two. Your comfort is also capital: if the ergonomics of a table cause you to strain yourself you will not be able to give the best quality services and sustained bodily ailments may cut your career short.

Precaution: Only obtain your supplies from a trustworthy company that has a long record of providing massage tables that have been through a rigorous program of safety testing. For your own liability protection and for the benefit of your clients, there is absolutely no room for accommodation on this issue. Analyze the design and development protocols, quality of materials used and standards for safety of any manufacturer before investing in their products: don't just accept a salesman's assurances as proof!

There is a subtle balance that any professional massage therapist must strike between upfront costs and long-term value. But buying with quality at the forefront will seldom lead you astray.

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