I think most can agree with the notion that fashion never really dies. We could say the same for beauty. Either way, you slice it trends come back around again. We see it recycled in so many ways. For instance, a trend most people never thought would come back… the “mom jeans”. For some fashionable reason, mom jeans are back in style and thriving. The younger generation has even modernized the trend with a take on “mom shorts”. It will probably remain a mystery to some but the days of even the most hated trend will most likely make a comeback. With that said, I have the perfect idea for giving your kids a leg up on the fashionable competition. Creating a time capsule of the most creative and hottest pieces now may serve your little one later in life. Say hello to the vintage life!

Now, when you create this time capsule take into consideration the longevity of the trend. The longer the trend has been circulating the fashion world the more of a chance it has of coming back. Make sure to keep your pieces in pristine condition so they will stand the test of time. I remember going through my mom’s clothes with my little sister and trying on everything we loved. We had the privilege of being able to wear certain pieces because my mother took such good care of them. Belts, shoes, jackets, timepieces, jewelry, it didn’t matter. We loved it all and it gave us a little more edge and uniqueness. I mean, you can’t just find vintage pieces in any department store. The make, fabric, and technique will never be the same!

When it comes to beauty, the last thing you want to do is stick your favorite tube of lash-enhancing mascara in there for your kid to open up and try 20 years later. Instead, take some photos of each trendy look. Snap different angles so they can get the full detail of the look. Maybe you can add a few swatches as well for color reference as well as the brands you love. Trust me, your kids will love you for this. It takes the guesswork out of it.

Just as unique as you are in your youth, your kids may just carry that same gene. So, go ahead and pick out a few of your own trends. Little beauty secrets and fashion trends you started yourself will go a long way in teaching your own kids how to develop their own sense of style and get away from mainstream looks. Break all of the rules. Throw in a few things that you personally like no matter what the trends say. In a decade or two, it may end up being the talk of the school! A cool way of putting this all together is to package all you the chosen pieces and putting them into your favorite piece of travel luggage you would like to pass down. Not only will they have the fashion and beauty tips you loved, they will also have a piece of luggage they could use to travel the world and create some fashion moments of their own!

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