Search engine optimization is a process that takes time. There are some factors that you will be leverage more than others in order to rank better on search engines. However, some factors matter the most. If you ask us what is that one factor that matters in SEO ranks, it is links. Yes, quality content of course matters. But it is also important to note that quality content only leads to more links.

When a website mentions the URL of your website on their website, it is known as a link. This link counts as a vote by that website. That is how Google looks at it. What is more, when Google first started off, its only algorithm was known as Google Page Rank. It was named after Larry Page who is one of Google’s renowned founders. What you need to realize here is that the quality of links matter as much as the quantity of links. If your links are coming from sources that are not credible enough, Google will not be able to weigh it out in your favor as much. As you continue to build links, make sure to look at the domain authority of the websites you are getting the links from. Domain authority is that one factor that can tell you how credible that website is. The higher the website stands on the domain authority list, the more there is a chance that your website will rank better by getting a link from such a website. Here is how you can build links in 2019.

Build Backlinks using a backlink generator

If you want to rank better though building links in 2019, you don’t just need to focus on your content. Of course, great content is important but you also want to look into the type of content that you are searching for. If you have education of advanced SEO or even if you do basic SEO content, you know how important it is to do your keyword research before you can actually choose a topic. If you want to rank better through such link building, you will need to use tools like Buzzsumo and backlink generator that will help you in figuring out how what content is ranking the highest in a given niche.

Finding links with year

There are two ways to go forward from here. The first is to go ahead and create even better content than the one that is ranking the highest. If the article is titled 10 Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom, add an article for 10 Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom In 2019. By adding the year, you should be able to create specific content that is specific to that year. This will help you in informing the people that your content is the latest. This will generate more clicks.

Info Graphics

If not this, you can do another thing. What you will be doing here is to create infographics. What infographics will do for you is that people prefer visual content over content that is in text form. Text is difficult to read. Plus, when you have infographics you will also be getting a lot of back links. You can use Buzzsumo to also learn different people who just shared that content that is ranking the highest on search engines. You can message these people personally and share the infographic with them. Chances are that this content will also be shared by these people.

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