It is a common error of perception that public relation (PR) exercises don’t carry as much weightage as advertising, search engine operations (SEO), and publicity in marketing strategies. Many companies carry out PR activities perfunctorily by way of handing out press releases, usually after they have performed some activities in the community to establish their corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, PR activities are not about planting stories. They ensure that people are talking about you all the time. Another common error is that you need to come across as goody two shoes.

People love the bad boys: The manner in which President Trump won the elections and the continuance of his popularity seems to indicate that the people love the bad boys too. His PR team obviously worked on the philosophy that most people have a hidden (sometimes, overt) desire to reform people, and often believe that things or people can’t be as bad as they are being portrayed. What else would explain the popularity of the stormy petrels like John McEnroe and Boris Becker, who combined tennis genius with a combustible temperament?

Bolster Your Brand to Expand Into Uncharted Territories

When you are in expansion mode, you can’t afford to miss out activities to fortify your brand. If you are uncertain as to how to go about it and don’t have the inhouse resources required for it, hire one of the top PR firms in NYC to bring you sterling results. They become your strategic partners, and build your credibility by following the three as in their plan of action:

This will involve analyzing the various components of your business, such as:

Where you stand now?
What has been your growth rate?
How are your competitors faring? and
Which are your natural strengths?

This will help them to assess what is going right with you, and which of your strategies need reworking. They will also ensure that you reach your target audience - be it through print, electronic, or social media - because they know where to catch the attention of prospective customers. It also means that they increase your online visibility.

They Know the Best Ways to Pitch a Story

One of the biggest advantages of the competent PR firms in NYC is that they know how to pitch a tale, which not only catches but retains customer attention. Further, they will devise ways and means to send regular messages to the target audience through blogs, articles, and stories run through diverse media. They don’t craft nifty phrases or slogans to sell products. Rather, their strategies help attract the right kind of talent for your company, which will automatically improve processes, and enhance the profitability of your business. Further, their strategies will attract the right business partners, who will add value to your brand by investing in your company; thereby helping you, expand according to plans.

PR firms raise awareness consistently: One of the biggest disadvantages of advertising is that exposure is fleeting. However, PR activities can keep people talking about your brand for days on end at far lower the cost. It creates and sustains awareness of your business.

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CEO branding is accomplished through the process of getting the right message directly in front of your target audience, using a strategic blend of thought leadership that's demonstrated through social media, speaking engagements, publishing, and savvy public relations. So, keeping this view in mind Ascendant group is dedicated to provide best CEO branding strategy, CEO reputation management, CEO personal branding service.