Confidence is the key to everything you do. Like it or not, if you suffer from low self-esteem or confidence, chances are you will only count on luck to achieve what you set out to achieve. A confident person whether a sportsman, businessman, student etc, will prepare for a game, a deal, or an exam with confidence and as a will often achieve their goals.

Many people often blame their failures on other people when most of the time, it is their lack of confidence that caused them to fail. I am not saying that confident people do not fail, but when they do, they face it with a positive mindset. They will analyse what went wrong and do it better the second time around. Whereas people with low confidence will just merely give up. I am sure you are wondering, how do I become more confident?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that confident people have a strong mind. Part of building a strong mind is that they only take in positive feedback from people. When others tell them they can't, the more they would want to prove them wrong. Whereas when people praise or motivate them, they take it to heart and boost their confidence. Take Tiger Woods for example, after winning the masters in 1997, he went through a slump and people were starting to say that his win was just a one time fluke. That however did not deteriorate Tiger's confidence, it only served as a motivation for him to do better. We all know what happened next, he became one of the greatest golfers of all time! Without a strong mind, Tiger would have succumbed to the pressure. However, because he has such high confidence to build a strong mind, it got back on track and proved everyone wrong.

Someone with a strong mind will look at a solution not the problem. When faced with adversity, they will take a step back, analyse the problem and find a solution for it. Too many people give up without even thinking of solving a problem these days...

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