If you are having a dream to create an impact on society through owning and operating an online teaching business, then Invanto is here to help you realize and shape that dream. You may be an entrepreneur with an established retail chain in a particular domain. You can also be someone with lots of strategies and technical robustness for a start-up. You can also be someone else with a completely different plan. By using Invanto, an online tool that helps you in building a full-fledged business focusing on online courses, you will stay ahead in the competitive market.

Incredible benefits
There is a host of benefits that you receive as soon as you avail Invanto and begin to implement within the framework of your business. You would be more than amazed to witness the positive results in a period much earlier than your usual expectations.

Read along to know about the benefits of using Invanto

Unlimited videos

You will get the feature of video hosting in a secured format. It will be unmetered, providing you more flexibility in video-related business operations. The tool proficiently uses AWS infrastructure of Amazon, which provides scalable solutions as per specific requirements.

Unlimited bandwidth

It is a dream of any businessman starting fresh in the market to avail an unlimited amount of bandwidth to ensure voluminous traffic on a constant basis on his or her business platform. The powerful servers of Invanto conveniently handle the load.

Unlimited sites

If you have a plan to build unlimited sites, then it is possible when you use this effective, online tool. You will have a single dashboard that will integrate the KPIs of all sites. It will be easier than you can imagine to comfortably control and monitor all sites that you have built.

Zapier Engine

Technical support from the sophisticated Zapier engine is available to the user that efficiently integrates all types of data without any information loss, and in ridiculously quick-time. The integration is seamless with third party platforms and tools, too, without any compromise on the quality front.

Translation Engine

Are you worried about creating content for your site in multiple languages? Leave your worries behind as this can be easily performed with robust support from the Translation engine of Invanto tool. You will be able to fluently use built-in translation attributes, or even create by yourself.

Integration engine

You will not counter any problem to integrate any type of payment gateway with your website, as Invanto has a wonderful integration engine that takes care of all such issues.

Custom domain with SSL

A custom domain is extremely important for brand awareness and gain trustworthiness in market. The tool helps you to get one, with free SSL.

Coupon generator

You can plan several kinds of sales strategies with discount offers and attractive coupons. It can be easily managed with the exclusive coupon generator of the tool.

Content dripping

You will be the boss when it comes about properly scheduling and professionally controlling the course contents and/or content of member sites.

Email templates

Email marketing becomes easier and more result-oriented when you use Invanto to send emails to your existing and target customers, using an excellent text editor.

Site designer

There are several elements on a website. With Invanto, you can easily customize the attributes such as fonts, color styles and other attributes of the platform.

Checkout designer

You will be able to customize the checkout page of your site with attractive logo, hues, and various categories of fonts without any problem.

Get Invanto today
Are you still thinking? Visit Invanto website, explore the features and get it today to create a highly profitable online business.

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