Unbelievable Keto: I loved keto because I could eat real, wholesome foods. Including meat which is packed full of iron and protein. I love steak, so this worked well for me and I didn't ever feel hungry. At the end of this chapter I'll be sharing some ketogenic recipes - my most favorite ones, so you can enjoy them too!


The keto diet is a way of eating which promotes ketosis in the body, and to do this correctly, you follow the following ratios in your meals for the day: Percentage of Low Carbohydrates - 5% (or lower) of your daily calories will be made up of carbs. Percentage of Moderate Protein - Between 15% and 35% of your daily calories will be made up of protein. Percentage of High Fat - Between 60% - 80% of your daily calories will be made up of fat.
When you follow these ratios, something magical really happens. Your body is depleted of glucose, and it ramps up its production of ketones which are then used to produce energy. Ketosis Let's understand this process. This is where the energy for the body comes from the ketones that are produced, compared to the glucose (sugar) which usually provides the energy. It is the westernized, modern diet that provides us with high carb foods and leaves our bodies in a state of glycolysis which is, in fact, bad for us. The ketogenic diet negates this high carb state, altogether. What Are Ketones? Ketones are the source of energy that your body will use when it's going through ketosis. They are produced by the liver when glycogen levels are very low. These ketones are a fuel supply which burns lower inside the body. Keto and Insulin This is the absolutely magical part of the keto connection. When you are on a high carb intake, your body produces high amounts of insulin which help to carry the glucose around the entire body. In this state, fat deposits stay as fatty deposits and then they build up over time. When you are in a state of ketosis, your body breaks down these fat deposits in the liver to convert them to ketones, which are then used as the body's primary energy source. Not only does this help you to lose weight faster, but your insulin levels re- main at a stable level rather than peaking and dropping throughout the day. So this helps to maintain the energy. This then also makes it much harder for your body to store any extra fat. Ketogenic Amazing Dietary Benefits Weight Loss - This is the number one reason people follow a full-fledged keto diet. The body quite literally changes into a fat-burning machine. Increased Energy Levels - The body prefers to use ketones as an energy source if it can. You have more energy throughout the day rather than in peaks and troughs. Lessened Hunger Pangs– You will find you are less hungry when you follow this great eating plan. Cholesterol - Contrary to what was said in the past, the keto connection will actually help to lower cholesterol levels. Recent studies are showing this more and more. Diabetes and Blood Sugar - the keto diet type has been shown to have a positive effect on diabetics and blood sugar levels, overall. Many studies support this fact. To aid credibility to the diet, many studies have shown positive, long-term effects in participants. In one study conducted by the NCBI, patients showed a decreased body mass index and a decrease weight over 24 weeks. Triglyceride levels also showed a significant decrease after 24 weeks and blood glucose also had the same effect. No major side effects were shown in patients and the diet was deemed a success, for both safety and sustainability. Amazing Paleo: Let's look at paleo as a great style type too. The paleo "mantra" is widely known as no grains, no beans, no dairy, no sugar, and no industrial seed oils. So, it literally
supports the keto style, as well. I love paleo because it's super easy to remember the rules. I put the mantra on my wall and I eat whole foods like beetroot and fish which are two of my favorites. I felt so much better not eating things from a packet that were loaded with sugar and salt. I noticed the change within a week, and I could eat great meals without starving myself. So, Why the Paleo? The focus should be on vegetables, lean meats, fish, chicken, and eggs. Fruit and nut consumption is kept to a minimum when on the paleo diet. Full fat products are allowed, and aren't calorie controlled. The Major Benefits of the Paleo Diet Include:
•Major weight loss over time
•Crushing of inflammation within the body
•Helping in disease prevention
•Can fully eliminate some diseases
•No calorie counting required
•Utilizes whole, non-processed foods
•Uses whole foods requiring less energy to digest
•It has similar benefits to the Mediterranean diet
•Scientifically proven to aid health, overall
•Cardiovascular health improvements can be seen
•Effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease
•Effective in treating metabolic syndrome
Long-Term Diet Risks Can Be Counteracted:
•Compromised bone health through lack of calcium (which can be utilized elsewhere, in vegetable intake, as an example)
•High fish consumption (if toxins are present) can cause a build-up of
toxins So, How Does the Paleo Diet Work? The easiest way to understand the paleo (or paleolithic) diet is to realize that the predominant consumption of food is to utilize whole foods. Whole foods can be described as… foods that have not been processed or redefined (with additives or artificial substances and chemicals). The paleo diet avoids dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, excess salt, alcohol, and coffee. The ideas behind the diet are founded by Walter Voegtlin and have been popularized by many dieticians and chefs very widely, and around the entire globe. The paleo diet style works to promote health, long-term. And, on a cellular level, it maneuvers food ingested, and in doing so, it begins improving the body's composition and its overall metabolic effects by way of substances taken in. A noticeable comparison to the high sugar/high salt diets profoundly demonstrated in the westernized culture. In fact, the paleo diet offers a wonderful alternative to the "dangerous" westernized diet, on the whole. One recent study by Diabetologia (in 2007) showed that patients were significantly improved in terms of glucose tolerance after remaining on the paleo for 3 months. The median range of weight loss was 11 lbs. In a timeframe of 12 weeks, a reduction of waist circumference was also seen at an average of 2.2 inches.
The Keto-Paleo: You can utilize both the ketogenic and paleo diets together, in fact, they complement each other in many ways. They both have major weight loss benefit potential and are easy to understand and follow. It's great when the magic happens, because your body's way of coping changes. It heals faster, and its metabolism responds more quickly, without the stress of coping as a mechanism. Everything you now put into it has a purpose… and then the weight loss can begin! Safely and effectively, may I add. Six Great Ketogenic Recipes: Breakfasts: Recipe#1: MARVELOUS MINI-KETO QUICHES I love this recipe because I get to eat mozzarella cheese and it's super easy to do, too. It takes 30 mins and tastes so amazing! Ingredients
•14 eggs
•3 plum tomatoes, diced
•2/3 of a cup of mozzarella cheese torn into bite-size pieces
•1/3 of a cup of cheddar cheese, grated
•1/3 of a cup of white onion, diced finely
•1/3 of a cup of pickled jalapenos, sliced
•2/3 of a cup of salami, diced

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