Once you have settled down in your apartment in Buenos Aires,

You will soon want to get to know the city and the surrounding municipalities that make up the Greater Buenos Aires Metropolis.

There are many organized tours of Buenos Aires, the ‘Capital Federal’ to help you discover the city. When you have familiarized yourself with it you may want to go further a field into the other cities that comprise the Greater Buenos Aires, or Gran Buenos Aires.

A lovely day trip from Buenos Aires is by train, the ‘Tren de la Costa’; twenty eight kilometers to the north of the Capital Federal, will take you along the coast line to the city of Tigre. It is also accessible by road, but then you miss the coastal scenery. Tigre is linked to a huddle of picturesque villages and ports by a network of rivers called the Parana Delta. The waterways provide a playground for all kinds of boating, fishing and water sports.

Tigre is named after the South American Tiger, or Jaguar that used to be found in the area. It has long disappeared from the region, hunted to extinction locally. The town is built on an island surrounded by small rivers and streams.

The pleasant, wooded area is a favorite weekend getaway for the wealthy of Buenos Aires, who own holiday homes, and boats and yachts moored at the many marinas. Even if you don’t have any water craft of your own, you will find any number of organized ferry trips to the islands and boat trips to take you exploring the maze of waterways. Some of these rivers are quite unspoiled and you will be able to see birds and wildlife.

You can choose organized tours of the rivers, or you can take an Interisleña ferry. These boats are like taxis, you hail them as they go past and they stop to pick you up! They have routes to and from many different parts of the Delta. They operate daily from 6am to 9pm.

When you have enjoyed the swimming or other water sports or just had a great time sight seeing, you will be ready for something to eat. You will find all kinds of restaurants serving gourmet food from many lands, or you can choose traditional Argentinean cuisine. Perhaps all you want is simply a snack from one of the many food stands where you can buy delicious, cheap food.

You will find many of these food stands near the Puerto de Frutos.

This is one of Tigre's popular attractions. Apart from the fruit, preserves and jams, you will find an extremely interesting crafts fair. This Puerto de Frutos is the biggest outdoor crafts market in Argentina.

In the area are many riverside bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy the outdoor beauty while you eat or have a drink.

Later you may like to spend the evening at the casino, or perhaps at the amusement part, before you head off back home to your apartment in Buenos Aires.

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