Perhaps you are going to move to Buenos Aires permanently or for a very long time. Instead of renting a house or apartment, it may be worth your while to consider buying a property to live in. If so, it will be a good idea to find out as much as possible about the city and the whole area before you actually buy and relocate.

The City of Buenos Aires is an autonomous federal city called ‘Capital Federal’ and is the capital of Argentina. However, it is situated within the province of Buenos Aires, of which it is not capital. Capital Federal consists of 48 barrios, or neighborhoods. The Province of Buenos Aires has as its capital city La Plata.

Gran Buenos Aires or Greater Buenos Aires consists of the Capital Federal plus 30 partidos, or smaller cities, physically linked in a vast urban sprawl, but each with its own separate municipality.

If you like country living, you may like to consider some of the out lying partidos, such as General Rodriguez. This is 55 kilometers from Buenos Aires City, away to the west. It is one of the outlying partidos of Gran Buenos Aires. It is also right next to the polo playing area of Pilar.

It is a quiet, rural area. It has a population of 68,000, but this can increase over weekends by as many as extra 20,000 visitors, all seeking escape from city life to the peace and tranquility of the countryside.

There are a large number of country homes, as well as privately owned holiday houses, and a whole variety of holiday resorts and other accommodation for weekend visitors.

There is a small amount of industry, but this does not encroach on the rural setting and atmosphere of the partido.

The model dairy, La Serenissima, is a popular venue for educational visits from schools.

Next to General Rodriquez are the partidos of Marcos Paz, Moreno and Merlo. Marcos Paz is less visted than other outlying partidos, and has a population of about 40,000 and is about 48 kilometers west of Buenos Aires City.

Moreno has a population of about 400,000 and lies between General Rodriguez, Pilar, and the smaller partidos of Jose C Paz, San Miguel, Ituzaingo and Moron. These partidos are all in the western part of Gran Buenos Aires.

Merlo lies next to Moreno. It has two very different districts. The working class area is along the Reconquista River, and the middle class area is close to the train station.

San Vicente is a quiet, rural area to the south of the Greater Buenos Aires complex. It is not geared towards tourists, but for nature lovers and local residents the town has a campsite beside the beautiful lake, ‘Laguna de San Vicente’. In San Vicente you will see Argentinean pampas a short 45 kilometers from central Buenos Aires. There are attractive plazas and quaint streets in this laid back but cheerful little city of 45,000 people.

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