Start-ups, regardless of the industry, are bound to face countless tests and trials, but none as hazardous or deadly as the fight to stay cash positive and maintain the cash flow. In such an environment, focusing on marketing and establishing the brand name can often be too difficult and expensive a task to complete. Here are some of the best budget driven marketing strategies that every start-up should consider –
Press Releases
People read the news frequently, and if a company has something newsworthy to print, a good number of news outlets will delightedly report it on behalf of the company. Press releases are a low-cost way to get a brand cited in major newspapers and can probably help the company in picking up some incoming leads along the way.
Low Cost Content Marketing
Content marketing can be done in many ways, but none of these ways necessitate substantial investment. The clear-cut approach is to control an online blog, posting new content on a daily or a weekly basis that lets the reader gain knowledge or get entertainment in some exclusive and useful way.
Infographics, short videos, podcasts, etc. all fall under the category of content marketing as well. All of these content mediums are inexpensive and have the power to redefine the brand reputation of a company, increasing overall inbound traffic on the company’s website. More clicks mean more revenue and tactical and planned content marketing is the most cost-efficient way of doing so. Adding SEO tactics to content marketing is the best way to ensure that the brand name gains as much exposure as possible.
Pay Per Click Advertisements
Pay per click advertisements can get pricey if the company is targeting high traffic keywords; however the number of platforms that are willing to work with budget conscious start-ups and budding entrepreneurs is ever increasing.
Email marketing
Email marketing continues to be one of the most low-cost marketing tactics around. The reason why email marketing still is the preferred marketing tool of several companies is simple – its efficiency. According to leading experts of the field, email marketing guarantees a return on investment of almost 400%. As long as the company can compile a good list (carefully organized, instead of purchased), and a stable stream of emails are sent out, the ROI can be extremely possible.
Social Media Marketing
Although most social media platforms are casual in nature, for companies approaching these freely available websites, it should not be a casual task. These platforms can be mastered in due time if the right amount of time is invested into them. Companies should start by creating their profiles on major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the like. Once these profiles have been given an identity and have earned a significant amount of following, syndication of personalized content targeting the market segments the company wants to reach out to, can be carried out.
Once a start-up establishes a strong stream of steady revenue by following these steps, they can invest more on high-priced strategies.

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