Urinary incontinence is a condition wherein a person is unable to control his or her bladder. Around 3.4 million people in the US suffer from this condition. There are several incontinence treatments available, and a urologist or other medical professionals will help understand the type and severity of incontinence experienced and prescribe treatment. One of the newest procedures used to eliminate urinary incontinence is BTL Emsella.

This article will guide you through various topics related to BTL Emsella.

What is BTL Emsella?
How does it work?
What the treatment feels like?
Who is eligible for the procedure?
Frequently asked questions
Let’s first know what the procedure is before we move on to the results.

What is BTL Emsella?
BTL Emsella is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Millions of people suffer from weak pelvic muscles, which can lead to SUI or stress urinary incontinence. Urine leaks while coughing, laughing or even exercising.

In women, weak pelvic floor muscles lead to reduced vaginal sensation, vaginal laxity, or heaviness. The pelvic muscles become weak for many reasons, including hormonal changes, aging, drastic weight change, or childbirth. If Kegel exercise has not helped regression from incontinence, a doctor may recommend Emsella therapy treatment. It is designed to give relief from incontinence without surgery or medications

How Does BTL Emsella Work?
The BTL Emsella device uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to stimulate the pelvic muscles and restores neuromuscular control. The electromagnetic waves and stimulation allow the device to create powerful muscular contractions.

These contractions work to strengthen pelvic muscles enabling patients to regain bladder control. The best part of this machine is that in just one session, it can produce contractions equal to 11,000 Kegel exercises.

The BTL Emsella therapy is administered under the guidance, and control of medical experts, allowing patients to be comfortable, and fully clothed during the procedure. One therapy session lasts for 28 minutes.

The treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive; there is no downtime. You can walk in for the treatment and walk out to continue your daily activities.

BTL Emsella therapy offers benefits of treating urinary incontinence, and patients have also reported an improvement in their quality of life. Strengthening pelvic muscles play a crucial role in sexual satisfaction. It is noted that patients achieve stronger orgasm because of the machine’s ability to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

What the Treatment Feels Like?
The BTL Emsella treatment is a pain-free treatment. Patients have reported a slight tingling or light pelvic contractions. There is no surgery or medication involved in the treatment.

Women of every age can benefit from this treatment but is most suited for women aged 30 to 70. Studies have found that, in a few weeks, incontinence is reduced by 95%.

Who Can Benefit from BTL Emsella Treatment?
Any person experiencing bladder leaks while laughing, coughing, or sneezing
Any person who frequently feels the sudden urge to urinate
Any woman suffering from vaginal laxity
The patient should be of the age between 21 years, and 80 years
The patient is suffering from urge incontinence, stress incontinence, or mixed incontinence as determined by the QUID.
The patient is currently performing core exercises and willing to continue during the course of therapy.
The patient is willing to maintain the prescribed medication.
Why Are People Saying ’Yes’ To BTL Emsella Therapy Treatment?
There are many reasons why people are saying yes to Emsella therapy other than its effectiveness, for example:

You remain fully clothed during the treatment
The procedure is non-invasive
It is a walk-in and walk-out procedure
75% pad reduction
It is an FDA cleared treatment
It treats the entire pelvic floor area
It delivers thousands of Kegel contractions to the pelvic muscle each session
BTL Emsella Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the BTL Emsella Effect Last?
The effects of Emsella therapy vary by patient. Experts recommend starting a therapy protocol of 6 sessions 2 times a week for 3 weeks. After a 6 session protocol, maintenance therapy may be required.

How Often Do You Need the Treatment?
The repetition of the treatment depends on the severity of incontinence and will be determined with the aid of a medical doctor or health practitioner. Usually, the treatment is taken 2 times a week for 3 weeks, totaling 6 sessions and then ongoing maintenance therapy.

Does This Procedure Treat Incontinence in Men?
The treatment is FDA approved for men as well. Some men need to wear a pad or liner to prevent small amounts of leak after radical prostatectomy. They also leak during heavy workouts, and it has helped these men return to continence.

What Is BTL Emsella Treatment?
BTL Emsella is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for urinary incontinence. It is for men, and women that struggle with urinary incontinence and all are experiencing positive results. Patients are positioned on the medical device with their clothes on. The chair focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, raising the pelvic wall, and restoring the support to the bladder.

Is the Treatment FDA Approved?
Yes, the treatment is FDA approved, non-invasive, and non-surgical driven by the advancement of technology. The treatment is based on focusing on high-intensity electromagnetic technology (HIFEM), which strengthens the bladder muscles, thus helping it to hold urine.

Does the Treatment Hurt?
Most patients have not reported any signs of discomfort during the procedure. Some patients have reported mild and bearable painless pelvic contractions.

Do You Need Emsella Maintenance Session?
Studies have shown positive results with up to 95% improvement in the symptoms of urinary incontinence. The required maintenance session protocol will depend on the severity of onset symptoms and the results of each patient experiences. A medical professional will determine what kind of maintenance is right for you.

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